Convicted of Rape

Moshe Katzav, Israel’s former President, was found guilty of rape today in an Israeli court. What I fail to understand, and perhaps someone can enlighten me, is how they convicted him and did not immediately remand him into custody until sentencing.

He committed and was found guilty of more than one heinous act, yet he got to go home like he did nothing wrong. Most men in most civilized countries would be remanded into custody until sentenced for these terrible crimes. Because he was the President, he gets to go free? There was no mention of bond, house arrest, nothing of the sort. What kind of sentence can we expect – a slap on the wrist?? Minimum sentence for rape in Israel is 4 years. Let’s see what the judge gives him…

Can someone please explain this?

6 responses to “Convicted of Rape

  1. he is not a flight risk….nor ‘dangerous’ to the community (as perhaps a serial killer would be). so, he gets to go home and face his wife and family and friends and go to shul on shabbat. (will he get an aliyah?)….

    but his sentencing date can happen quickly or not. they will announce it early next week, and then we will know if it will also be next week or sometime thereafter. it appears he will get at least 10 years in jail, with no option for appeal. (his maximum is 39 years – 2x 16 for each rape count, and 7 for the other charges)

    let’s pray they do it quickly and get him behind bars where he belongs. read my facebook post (which is actually danny gordis’ fb post….)


  2. Look at Roman Polansky….

  3. Well, the Spinka Rebbe was condemned last summer (2009, I think), and he went to jail now…

    it was not rape, but I suppose there might be a delay between condemnation and going to jail in all countries….

  4. In how many countries to such prominent politicians actually get criminal convictions? In the US they rarely do. Israel is ahead of the game on this one.

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