Seriously, is there something that is in their DNA that makes (pre) teens so darn crabby in the morning?? What the heck do they have to be cranky about? They get food and shelter, clean clothes and a warm bed, love and affection, all their needs are met. So, they have to get out of bed before the sun has risen – I do too! I am up earlier than them, to set up the coffee and inhale a massive dose of snarkitol so that I can deal with them and you don’t hear me complaining (OK maybe you do, but that is my right as the mama bear).

Oh it is so darn tooting hard to be a young ‘un these days….Puhleeze….

9 responses to “Grumpaliciousness

  1. You only have boys! At one point I had four teenage girls under the same roof. Root canal was preferable than some mornings with my sweet darlings.

    • and how did you survive??

      • Who says I did? I may be writing you from the funny farm…

        What kept me sane was a full time job. That and raising them from an early age to be independent.

        My youngest is now 19, and she only lives with us part time, since she’s in the middle of her National Service. Her nights home are fraught with the agony of not having the right clothes, the irritation of pre-teen step-brothers and a totally uncool mother who dared to marry a man who insists on having disgusting food (read vegetables) at the table. She has a tough life.

  2. What time does he go to sleep? Kids, especially teens, need far more sleep than they get, on average.

    I had a really hard time getting up in the mornings when I was a teen, and I also tremendously resented having get up earlier than my sisters to make it to minyan at school.

    In any case, remember that it’s probably physiological. He’s not trying to be ungrateful. His body likely just is putting out very strong signals that it wants to stay in bed.

  3. Miriyummy please hold on to that funnyfarm number. With three teenage daughters, I know exactly what you mean. Sigh.

  4. lady lock and load

    Be glad they are only grumpy in the morning….with teenage girls it can last a long LONG time….till they reach the age of twenty. 🙂 nah, I’m sure teen boys can be grumpy other times of day but mornings are not fun!
    The only way I survived the mornings those years was by going to the gym. Really made me felt better after difficult mornings.

  5. hormones! Don’t you remember being a teenager? it is an emotional roller coaster which you are inexperienced enough to handle well… hence the grumpiness. 😉

  6. We just heard about this in a psychological conference:

    Only in advirtisements do people jump out of bed with a broad smile and start the day in a radiant mood.

    Reality is different. For teens, it’s perhaps even worse, since their rhythm changes with the hormones.

    So: just keep away from them in the morning and greet them with a warm smile when they come home from school in the afternoon. By that time, they will have accepted that they had to get out of their beds…

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