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One of the first gifts the KoD ever bought me was a hot pink iPod shuffle. I love it. At home, though, when I am working or cooking, I have Pandora playing in the background. But at the gym I need some music piped through to my ears to kill the monotony of the elliptical machine and make time pass quicker.

I just figured out this morning how to make a playlist on my shuffle. Yes. I know. I can be slow at times. Up until now I would just skip a song that was too slow. But when you are doing bicep curls and Shlomo Carlebach starts singing – you know you need to fix things. I love his songs, but not when I am lifting weights.

So my playlist has now been set up and includes a wide variety of music. Madonna to Black Eyed Peas, Bonnie Tyler and Carrie Underwood, a couple of Chris de Burgh faves, some Bryan Adams and Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Taio Cruz and Flo-Rida, the tic toc Ke$ha song, some more 80s songs and some blues. No Shloime Dachs or Reb Shlomo for the gym. It just seems wrong, you know?

So, what is on your playlist?


8 responses to “Gym Playlist

  1. I do have a few Jewish tunes on my gym mix: some stuff by Golem
    and the Klezmatics–“Sprayz Ikh Mir,” which gets faster and faster as it goes, has always felt motivating to me. My favorite is Janelle Monae’s Tightrope song, which is just perfect. I’ve also gotten a lot of juice out of Regina Spektor’s song Aprés Moi–it’s a little slow, but there’s something good about having someone singing, “I must (oof!) go on standing” when I’m grunting my way through squats and lunges.

    Though lately, since I’m doing kettlebells, I’ve been enjoying my weight training so much I don’t want to be interrupted with music or worry about the headphones coming out.

  2. I run a lot, so I face the issue of changing playlists pretty frequently. I’ve become good at picking out playlists for 30-45 minute intervals that start with a song that’s upbeat but not too fast and becoming progressively faster until I hit something like 160 beats per minute and then decrease.

    If you’re on an eliptical or treadmill, you should ideally be starting out at 120 BPM and working up to 150-160 BPM at the highest point in your workout so that your songs match your heartrate. But you probably already know that from KoD 🙂

    Some good songs I like:
    Paper Planes by M.I.A.
    or Calibria 2007
    or Alejandro by Lady Gaga to start
    then ramping up with
    Animal by Neon Trees
    Vem Kuduro Dancar forget who it’s by
    Like a G6 by FEM
    Bellydancer by Akon is probably my go-to fast song
    IF I had you, Adam Lambert
    I Drove All Night, Celine Dion
    and a bunch of Russian songs that also have really good beats.

    I like to use this site to find new songs or ones that match the BPM I’m going for:

  3. I like to listen to either 80’s or Akon when i work out. Great beats.

  4. I read on the treadmill/elliptical. I love reading books and the old New Yorkers that my parents save up for me. It’s really my only time for fun reading. I LOVE IT!

  5. Only Jewish music for me I like my neshama to feel clean and clear , even at the gym. When I work on my physical body I also want to make sure my neshama is fit too. This is an amazing new singer check her out…..

  6. Depends on the day. Some days it is classic mambo, sometimes bomba or hip hop. I walk instead of the gym, or I dance.

  7. Some Jewish and 80’s music works quite well.
    Add a touch of Lee Greenwood, Billy Joel and don’t forget the original Wavin’ Flags, by K’naan.
    The rest I won’t admit to 😉

  8. i do a lot of 80’s and some of the chick rock/country stuff that’s really upbeat.

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