Out of the mouth of babes

The other day I reached to get something off a high shelf in the kitchen and I winced and I must have moaned or groaned. One of the kids, let’s not say which, asked me what was wrong. I said that I had a great work out that day at the gym. He says so very insouciantly  “oh I thought you went last week. You went again?” and raised a sarcastic eyebrow. I explained to him that surprisingly enough, one doesn’t just go a time or two and find oneself in amazingly good shape. He’s old enough to know that. He just didn’t think I would stick with it, the little rotter. I will show him.

Soon enough I will be as tough as steel and challenge him to some kind of throw down. Ha, he’ll be laughing on the other side of his face then.

One response to “Out of the mouth of babes

  1. lady lock and load

    If I DON’T go to the gym, my hubby and kids ask “What! You didn’t go to the gym??” 🙂

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