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We are almost at 15,000 comments here on the In The Pink blog. To celebrate this milestone I will be giving away a gift of 5 headbands and a snazzy belt from DoubleHeaderUSA.

I am not telling you how close we are to the landmark – come on, I have to have some fun, but the one comment that hits 15,000 on the button WINS.

How do you enter?

Two ways – just leave a comment on this post saying what you love about my blog….and why you comment here so often 🙂 …. OR leave a comment on any of the other posts that pertains to the subject matter discussed therein. REMEMBER the one comment that hits 15,000 on the button WINS. (One Comment per person per blog post)

Step Parenting Quote

When they ask to call you mom, as flattering as it is, as much of a victory as it feels like, as much as you feel you’ve earned it and deserve it, your life will probably be a whole lot easier in the long run if you point out, “I love you very much, but let’s think of something else for you to call me, since you already have a mom.” Again there are exceptions, but they are few and far between.

From StepMom Magazine – FROM THE JANUARY ISSUE: Taming the Mommy Tiger, by Wednesday Martin, Ph.D.