Daily Archives: January 11, 2011

How are you supposed to counter this?

I just saw this tweet from a fellow step mother:

Bm [birth mother] tells kids they stink when they get dropped off; makes them shower first thing, even if they’ve just showered at our house.

What kind of a message does that give to the kids? How do you minimize the negative effect of that on the child? My heart just breaks….

Oh so professional – NOT!!

I received a letter (in French) from a Quebec governmental agency in September of 2010. They had been trying to reach me, my phone was disconnected, can I please call them as it’s a matter of extreme importance.

I called the next day, leaving all my new contact information so that they could call me back about this matter of extreme importance.

I called again 2 weeks later, and then a month later, and then I figured, I should just leave it – if it’s truly important they will call me.

The lady just called me back. She apologized for taking so long – and she actually said “I forgot to call you back” – what? No civil servant double speak about being swamped? “I forgot” – I am horrified!!

No matter who you work for, you never say you forgot about a client or a customer – since when did that become ok??

Checking In

Seems I have been hit with a narsty grody disgusterating case of the flu, passed on to me by the delightful teen who was sick over the weekend and who is just now starting to feel better – in time for tomorrow’s probable snow day. He (and the rest of the kids) got the flu shot – actually the nasal spray wotsit – and I didn’t.

Bleargh. Fever, chills and super crankiness….

Back to regular blogging as soon as I can decide whether I’m hot or I’m cold.