Daily Archives: January 13, 2011

And the new Jdeal Ambassador for 2011 is….

Chaviva, the Kvetching Editor! I couldn’t be more proud. Totally shepped nachas for my fellow OrthoFox.

It was so nice to be there at the Jdeal NY launch party and be a part of the whole celebration of this wonderful company that will grow exponentially. I was thrilled also to be accompanied by the KoD – see, people, he is real. GRIN!

One thing that was so awesome was that some of the other top 9 contenders were there – and there was no rivalry. We were all happy to have reached the top 9 and happy that Chaviva won.

Now she’s going to have to work hard, and we can sit back and relax…. How does this relax thing work, anyone know?

I wanted to thank all of you for your wonderful support and encouragement. It has been truly humbling to read through all your messages and comments.

Now go sign up to jdeal, subscribe to Chaviva’s blog, and start saving!!

Car vs Garage – 1-1

So if any of you have been eagle eyed, you would have noticed that yesterday, in my jdeal post, the KoD mentioned in his comment that he backed into the garage door and we needed me to win the prize money to fix the damage.

Now that he has publicized the fact, I am free to talk about it. Let me explain to you what happened.

This happened on Tuesday, when I was sick in bed. The KoD was working from home, and mid-morning was going to go out to do a grocery run before the so-called snow storm was due to hit. It was an extremely cold day.

I was snuggled up in bed, Squiggy was still home sick, snuggled up on the sofa. It was peaceful and quiet. KoD came in to say goodbye, I gave him the shopping list and coupons and he left. 30 seconds later I heard a huge crrrruuunnncccchhhh and I just knew something happened with the car.

My heart flew into my mouth, I ran downstairs in my bare feet and pjs, out to the garage – to see the garage door was half open, and the car was invading its personal space! KoD looked fine if ticked off.

Sometimes our garage door sticks midway when the weather is really frigid – but it hasn’t happened for a while. We always park nose in, except when unloading groceries, so we generally back the car out of the garage. We have the timing down to a nanosecond.

KoD pressed the automatic opener and backed out – but the door stuck and the car kept moving. *crunch*

The garage door company came over very quickly and gave the door a temporary fix. No automatic opening and closing for now. The door’s bottom panel was completely bent out of shape and needs to be replaced. The rear spoiler on the top of the van is being replaced this morning. Sigh.

KoD felt really awful about the whole thing – and I told him that the main thing is that he is ok, that no one got hurt. Maybe this incident was a kapparah? Maybe this happened to keep him away from a highway crash or something? Who knows the bigger picture?? Sometimes it’s hard to find a gam zu letovah moment – but my man is ok and wasn’t hurt, and that’s what matters to me.

(So um yeah, jdeal judges, KoD says pick me because I am awesome AND because we need the money to fix the broken stuff. okthxbai)