Daily Archives: January 18, 2011

How Cheesy!

One of my friends is on vacation in Greece and sent me this pic. I didn’t know we were in the dairy business. Does anyone know exactly what kind of product this MILNER is?

(Hat Tip CFK)

Now this ticks me off

I understand that in NY they are not equipped to deal with “inclement weather” and that they close school when there is a lot of snow. I don’t agree with it but I understand.

Today the roads are extremely icy and dangerous. Icy roads are so different that a large snowfall. First we were told there was a two hour delay ie schools would open two hours later, then now I have heard that the school district has cancelled transportation.

One of the schools that called me this morning (7 phone calls since 6 am) is possibly having optional school for those that can get there. Um what? The roads are too dangerous for the bus drivers to drive our precious cargo to school, but it would be ok for us to schlep out in our cars and vans on icy treacherous roads to take the kids to optional classes? Is that not risking lives?

….and another school just called. “Even though there is no busing there is school. Please make sure you drive safely. We understand, however, if you choose not to drive your son to school in these conditions”.

I am not risking my kids’ lives driving on icy roads and I would not give that tremendous responsibility to other car pool parents to drive my kids to school.

I could have slept another few hours had this decision been made last night. Instead the phone has been going non stop. The kids will be rejoicing. Those of us who work from home, these snow days have seriously cut into our productivity….

Pass the coffee…..