Frum Females needed for project!!

A source sent me the following from a neighbourhood email list in Jerusalem. At first read you think you know what they are asking for. But read it again knowing the website linked to doesn’t exist, the woman who signed the posting (I abbreviated the name just in case) doesn’t exist. Now the email address that enabled the poster to post had to have been approved by the list manager.

Discretion Advised.

We are a Religious Jewish Feminist group doing an  Romanesque art project.

We are looking for:

Dati/Orthodox or traditional married and single women to take part as undressed models in various stages of nudity.

privacy is guaranteed. The pictures will appear in an exhibition we
will  be holding for women only. Faces will not be shown and pictures
will never be digitized.

Sliding pay scale per hour, Volunteers most appreciated.

For further information please contact me.

A. Ch.
Religious Jewish Feminist Alliance of Israel

What kind of service is being offered or sought here?? Clever, eh? But oh so wrong!

Women – be warned. If you see anything like this, it is a scam. DO NOT REPLY TO IT!


10 responses to “Frum Females needed for project!!

  1. wow that’s a little scary

  2. wow.
    and if you search for the name of the supposed organization you get directed to JOFA, which is clearly not the right place.

  3. crazy! these things truly must mean that Mesiach will be here soon.

  4. About a year ago my wife stumbled onto website that depicted Frum Females in various stages of nudity(Porn), and I said then that I was certain that it was all photoshop, because no Frum woman would allow herself to be photographed that way.
    Then my wife received a message on “closed” frum women’s message board about sharing nude photos between a select group of women.
    Now I see this.
    I am now convinced that those sites are actually posting pictures of real Frum nudes, just without their permission, as the faces are not shown, thus they don’t really need it, as the women being victimized here gave these animals access and permission to display nudes of themselves publicly.

  5. Maybe I’m missing something here, but how would anyone know if a woman is frum or not if she’s nude?

  6. I think the tipoff is the contradiction in terms. Frum women as undressed models in various states of nudity?! How would one be tzniut if nude?!

    Should be obvious that it’s a scam, but apparently it fooled some people. Yes, it reaches a new level in ability to shock.

  7. I am Michael’s wife. I saw the site, which has since been removed, Thank G-d. Many images were taken without permission, upskirt shots of BY girls on the bus and street, pictures from a mikve (yes, this was the most disturbing to me), some posed shots with “Orthodox props” (snoods, Shabbos robes, BY uniforms), some that looked like “personal use” images leaked to the web, some clearly photoshopped. I guess the point is, some of these photos were clearly taken without permission, or without permission to distribute. There’s no way to know which were or were not frum folks.

  8. Call me naive, but why would a woman participate in such a venture EVEN IF THE WEBSITE WAS authentic??
    Am I misunderstanding something.
    It sounded to me like they are looking for frum women to pose nude.
    Who would do that – even if viewed only by women? Who knows where photos land up?

  9. g6 some women have a low self esteem.

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