Daily Archives: January 24, 2011

Baltimore / KoD – FTW!!

Ok this post is less about Baltimore and more about the KoD – but he’s a Baltimorean so they kind of go together.

Yesterday evening I was in Baltimore for work. As you guys know I am the Content Manager for Jamie Geller’s phenomenal blog. Last night, the Baltimore Talmudical Academy had its bi-annual tea, and they had invited Jamie to come and speak and give a cooking demonstration. There will be a wrap up post on the event on the kosher.com blog soon, but I will say that the Baltimore TA ladies were the friendliest bunch of women I have come across in a long time – they just met me last night, and I had THREE invitations to people’s homes to sleep over if we didn’t want to drive back after the event!

So, it’s a 4 hour drive from Monsey to Baltimore, and we had to be there for 5.30pm. That necessitated us leaving at 1.30. KoD encouraged me from the beginning to go with Jamie, that he could totally handle the brood at home – that would be no reason for me not to go. I have to say, knowing that I didn’t have to worry about the kids gave me tremendous peace of mind.

They were all in bed on time, homework done, bellies full. No one called me to whine or moan or kvetch. (OK, yes, I did call the KoD to check in – but only ONCE!)

After a really tremendous event, we returned home by 3.30 am and I fell into bed. The alarm rang at 6 am and I felt like hurling it across the room. I get up at 6 am daily to get the kids up and off to school. This morning, well, ouch, low on sleep! However, it was KoD to the rescue. He got up and let me sleep. He got the kids up and showered and dressed and fed and lunches packed. He got them out the door and off to school while I slept the day away. One of the kids’ buses didn’t show up – he sorted him out a ride to school, AND called the bus company to give them a piece of his mind. (But the bus company is a rant for another day). The man even charged my BlackBerry for me. *

I woke up at 11 with a splitting migraine, to a peaceful house, no mess or dishes lying around. KoD was out at a meeting, and I was able to just take the time to return to normal at my own pace.

To have a husband that so totally encourages you to follow your dream, that loves you beyond reason, that will do all that he can to support your work and your career, who loves your kids as if they were his own – what more can a woman ask for? I am so truly blessed to be married to the KoD.

Ever since I have met him my life just keeps improving in so many ways. He truly is my beshert, and I relish and appreciate every day that I get to spend with him. Thank you KoD for bringing such light into our lives.

*Dear KoD, now that you have shown me just how incredibly capable you are, I might take total advantage and sleep in at least once a week 😉