Daily Archives: January 28, 2011

Fire Alarm Works!!

I don’t often make potato kugel. I hate peeling potatoes. My hands get all starchy and I just hate to do it. But the KoD asked me, and I couldn’t say no to him – he doesn’t ask that much of me.

I must have put too much oil in the dish, because half way through the cooking process there was smoke billowing out of the oven. I rushed to turn it off and open windows. I checked the oven – there was a lake of smoking oil on the bottom.

Then the fire alarm starting to beep. It’s connected to our house alarm. Um, how do I shut it off?

I called the KoD who is running errands with my two oldest sons. He answered on speakerphone (either that or my voice was so loud they all heard me) in a jovial tone. I blurted out “How do I turn the fire alarm off??” and heard raucous laughter from my young progeny.

The alarm company called me, we figured it all out, and the kugel looks like it may still be edible. The windows are open, the alarm has stopped beeping, and I am about to braid my challahs. Will turn the oven back on once I have mopped up the oil on its floor and once the smoke has dissipated.

Oh, and the kid that yelled to me from the sofa – “I think that’s the fire alarm” – thanks for not getting up to check that I wasn’t on fire. You rock.

I will NEVER live this down. I can just see it now…. Sigh.