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Dog Fight

Cannot believe I am telling you this. Please don’t think less of me – I was tired and cranky, ok??

So, last night I was taking a bubble bath, relaxing with a novel whose story line totally escapes me. I was hoping to watch a movie with the KoD later on once the kids were asleep and he had finished watching his news programs. (That’s a vent for a different time).

KoD came upstairs for something, and as he was on his way out I called to him to ask what he was watching, and he said “the Dog Fights”. The what? My husband, my peace loving sweet husband, was watching dogs tear each other apart? Instead of spending time with me? What is wrong with this man? I got so steamed…. My relaxing bubble bath was relaxing no more and I pulled the plug.

He finally shlepped himself up to our room where I must have given him a very dirty look. I then returned to my book, and perhaps turned my back on him. Perhaps. Finally, seeing that he was totally clueless that he had done anything wrong I let him have it. “Instead of spending time with your wife you think it’s ok to watch dogs fighting? Such a cruel sport, and you’re watching it?? How dare you!”

He stood there open mouthed at my angry barrage. Then he laughed. Man, he laughed so hard my stomach started to hurt! In between breaths he explained to me, that he was watching the Military Channel. He was watching a show about airplanes “dog-fighting” during the war years. At this point I started to laugh too – I should have known that. I should have. I was tired and cranky – but hey, I made my KoD laugh, right? That has to count for something. ::FACEPALM::

And yes, dear, I know you were watching the military channel since before I was born.

Dog fighting. Who’d have thunk it?

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