Daily Archives: February 9, 2011

How do you explain PMS?

I got an email last night from a kallah (bride) who is planning her wedding. When you are dating and even engaged you can hide certain parts of your mood swings (if you have them) because you are putting your best face forward for the few hours an evening that you are spending with your intended.

She wanted to know how to explain her PMS to her husband-to-be without frightening him off. He only knows her as the perky happy smiley chick who he is marrying. He has never before come across her monthly grumps, moodiness, flying-off-a-handle-for-nothing-ness and however else her PMS comes across. Every woman is different. She wants to prepare him enough so that he is not freaked out that an alien has taken her over but not so scared that he runs for the hills.

So…. What advice would you give this young couple?

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