Daily Archives: February 10, 2011

You’re too skinny to be a foodie

I think there’s something wrong with me. I mean, everyone tells me I am not normal. My sons sometimes watch cooking shows with me and all I hear from them is “I am starving”, “how can you watch these shows and not get hungry”. People ask me all the time how I work with food all day long (I am content manager for blog.kosher.com) and still stay the size I am.

Are cooking shows supposed to send people straight to the pantry and refrigerator? I am more interested in the methods used, and the different ingredients. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I get some great ideas for dishes to make at home and suggestions at work. Do I need to taste everything too? No… doesn’t occur to me to do that.

When I cook up a storm for the KoD and our kids – do I taste? Yes – but I don’t devour every dish. I enjoy food, I really do. And I eat plenty of it. (Just ask Chaviva – she watched me scarf down a Monster Burger at Dougie’s yesterday. Woman challenged food and woman won. Take that Adam Richman!)

But apparently foodie people are supposed to have rounder edges that I do. Nigella’s curves – now those I could live with, but is it necessary to have physical heft to be taken seriously as a foodie?

If you had an extra two hours

We are all so busy these days – work, family, community. It often seems as if there is no such thing as “free time”.

If you had an extra two hours given to you today to use  – what would would you do? The only condition is that you don’t us these two hours on regular routine things.