If you had an extra two hours

We are all so busy these days – work, family, community. It often seems as if there is no such thing as “free time”.

If you had an extra two hours given to you today to use  – what would would you do? The only condition is that you don’t us these two hours on regular routine things.

11 responses to “If you had an extra two hours

  1. Sleep-is that considered regular routine things ;)?!

    & spend more quality time with hubby who i don’t get to spend enough time with b/c of his busy work schedule.

  2. I’d spend time on my own. Get a massage. Go to the library by myself. Just browse.

  3. I’d use one hour to sit down with a good book and my ipod, and the other one to turn off my blackberry and learn undisturbed.

  4. lady lock and load

    I would give those extra two hours to my best friend so she would have time to learn with me. We used to learn Tehillim once a week until a year ago and I really miss it.

  5. lady lock and load

    Also on my wish list is to have time to volunteer packing food for Tomche Shabbos or food packages for sick people in the hospital. And I would also like to spend time with old people at the FountainView.

  6. Sleep, read, and catch up with old friends. I hate that I have lost touch with so many people because of family commitments.

  7. I think the answer for me is the things I was able to do on summer break that I haven’t had time for since. I spent some of each day learning conversational Hebrew (I bought Rosetta Stone, and I have a book from a conversational Hebrew class I took years ago) and Yiddish. I am sure that I can come up with many other examples, but priorities during the year 😦 Today happens to be a snow day in Memphis, so that’s why I am on the computer early today.

  8. Also, I have a bookshelf full of books that often I only get a chance to read over Shabbat. And, I could take more time to spend with my beloved wife.

  9. I would take the time to perfect the art of crafting the quintessential French macaron. Such a guilty and infrequent pleasure…

  10. i’d like to think I’d work out for an hour of that. Take some “ME” time maybe. But, prob the hubby would make us just work more.

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