You’re too skinny to be a foodie

I think there’s something wrong with me. I mean, everyone tells me I am not normal. My sons sometimes watch cooking shows with me and all I hear from them is “I am starving”, “how can you watch these shows and not get hungry”. People ask me all the time how I work with food all day long (I am content manager for and still stay the size I am.

Are cooking shows supposed to send people straight to the pantry and refrigerator? I am more interested in the methods used, and the different ingredients. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I get some great ideas for dishes to make at home and suggestions at work. Do I need to taste everything too? No… doesn’t occur to me to do that.

When I cook up a storm for the KoD and our kids – do I taste? Yes – but I don’t devour every dish. I enjoy food, I really do. And I eat plenty of it. (Just ask Chaviva – she watched me scarf down a Monster Burger at Dougie’s yesterday. Woman challenged food and woman won. Take that Adam Richman!)

But apparently foodie people are supposed to have rounder edges that I do. Nigella’s curves – now those I could live with, but is it necessary to have physical heft to be taken seriously as a foodie?

15 responses to “You’re too skinny to be a foodie

  1. It’s probably harder to stay thin for people who are actually working in the food business as bakers, caterers, etc but of course some ppl. manage to do it either b/c of good will-power or good genes or a combination of both.

    don’t worry about the folks who say you need to be heavier in order to be taken seriously as a foodie. they’re just jealous ;)!!!

  2. As a foodie myself (JCI I”yh next year) , I see no need obligation to be hefty. I do a ton of cooking and baking, create new recipes and stuff, I taste it, and if it passes the ‘quality test’ then its instantly given away. (I live myself, so have no need for all the things I come up with). There is loving food, and then there is loving food. Two very different things 🙂

  3. I’m a serious but slender foodie myself and I get the same reaction from people. I LOVE to eat, but I’m picky about what I’ll really fill up on. I go for the good stuff. I think it’s all about balance.

  4. 1) enough with the arrogance. Obesity has a lot to do with genetics. Don’t make fun of those who have different genes than you do.

    2) if you were a true foodie, you would never be able to eat a Monster Burger at Dougie’s.

    • Re. #1 Only to a degree. Ive watched people eat themselves into obesity, nothing to do with their genes. Point two, I don’t
      think this post was really making fun of anyone.
      Re.#2 I agree with that. There are a ton of restaurants that I just cant bring myself to eat at!

  5. Holy crap, enough with the bragging. I’ve been reading this blog for awhile, and it makes me laugh that you describe yourself as a “foodie” even though you’ve had this job for a maximum of a few months, and that tons of the recipes you post are for things like cakes made of cake mix, and other laughable recipes.

    From your posts, it seems like you are a very average cook (cooking huge quantities doesn’t make you a good cook, it makes you a hard-working one) who has to constantly boast about making very mediocre recipes, and who has to compensate for her lack of self-esteem by constantly mentioning that you have a “gym addiction” or that you worry about “not being taken seriously as a foodie.” LOL

    Get a grip. This is laughable.

    • Anonymous, I don’t think Hadassah is bragging on her blog. One thing I think most people like about the blog is that it is real–she struggles with problems just as we all do, but she doesn’t come across as a “downer.” She provides opportunities to comment about everyday issues (and some that frankly I wouldn’t see coming). Please keep that in perspective as you read her blog.

  6. Watching these food channels, there are hosts of every size, so that answers your question–No, you do not need “heft” to be a foodie. I think it probably takes exercise and hard work to stay in shape–which would explain why some of them do not gain weight on the job. However, when I saw the title of the article, I thought that people were attacking Hadassah for being the “skinny wench” and inserting themselves into her business. Let’s face it–it’s a struggle for all of us, no matter how much we weigh, and it may be better for all of us to concentrate on ourselves rather than worry about whether someone else has weight problems.

  7. I will say this’s alot harder to stay thin later in life then in one’s 30’s. Hormones (or lack thereof!) and aging do reduce the calories one requires, so if at 58, you eat what you ate at 38 (without gaining) you are likely to gain. Further, many people at my age just don’t have the energy for vigorous workouts in addition to working hard (less true if one has a desk job) family, schlepping etc. I’m a nursing student, and I work as an aide in a local hospital, and I can tell you, I don’t have the energy to drive by the gym..let alone go in!!
    So enjoy the blessings you have now ; your challenges may change in the future. But knowing you, you’ll find a way to meet them.

  8. Dear Anon or Anonymous:

    Takes great guts to be critical without divulging who you are. This is Hadassah’s blog, a place where she is free to be herself, share stories about her life, her children, her work, her husband, whatever she wants. You don’t have to agree with her or even like her. But do those of us a favor who do like and respect her: keep your nasty comments to yourself. Seriously.

    If her blog doesn’t strike a chord or resonate within you, go find one that does. She is my friend and I love reading this blog. More than just a foodie, she’s a work in progress. I’m so proud of her.

    You’re just making an ass out of yourself.

  9. Actually, I didn’t say anything nasty, I just said that making cakes out of cake mixes are not what a “foodie” does, and that her boasting masked as “self-criticizing” is transparent to anyone who has two neurons to rub together 😉

    You’re going to need a better defense than, “She is my friend, I love reading this blog.” Doesn’t address any of what I said.

    I don’t think I’m the one making an ass out of myself 😉

  10. The more blogs I read, the more I realize how much ego is involved in many of them!

  11. i’m going to choose to ignore the nasty people who like to pop up every so often, and respond to the post itself.

    i am far from a foodie, nor do i enjoy cooking/food shows – but my husband is more like you. so i checked in with him, and he totally agrees with you. watching them is interesting and fun and not hunger-inducing unless he is already hungry. (and as a BT, sometimes its nice to virtually relive taste sensations of years past)

  12. “I don’t think I’m the one making an ass out of myself ”

    I guess you can’t hear yourself then.
    And this is coming from someone who has no idea what a foodie is or what it takes to be one.

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