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Who is the Mother? A Halachic Question

I read yesterday about a 61 year old woman who gave birth to her own grandson. Her daughter is infertile, so she offered to be a surrogate. It was her daughter and son-in-law’s biological child in that it used their egg and sperm. However, it was her body that fed and nourished and nurtured the baby for 9 months. This is a tremendous example of a mother’s love.

I am curious, though, halachically – which woman in this case is actually considered the mother? The one that bore the child, or the one whose egg was implanted?

Learned folk – please weigh in!

No Naan For Me

If you read my twitter feed or follow me on facebook, you will know that I was recently discussing going to eat at a kosher Indian restaurant – something we had planned to do for a while. I am not mentioning any names, so please respect that. There was a particular one we wanted to go to, but their sister restaurant was shut down last week because of an alleged 98 health violations.

I didn’t want to make the assumption that because one restaurant was closed down due to health violations, then it meant their other restaurant must also be dirty or unsafe, or practices unsanitary methods in the kitchen. But the more I thought about it the more uncomfortable I became. Plus with the KoD being an RD and knowledgeable in kitchen health and safety stuff – I knew he would be very uncomfortable eating there.

If the restaurants are owned by the same people and one is shut down for these reasons, does it not stand to reason that the management has its priorities elsewhere? Why would one restaurant be more sanitary than the other?

We eventually decided to eat elsewhere for our anniversary, but the decision was made with a heavy heart. I really wanted Indian food. I hope they reopen soon, and put all the worries and concerns to rest.

What would you have done?

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