Daily Archives: February 17, 2011

We Shmoozed it Up, Kosher-Style

Last night I shlepped into the city by myself for the MetroImma Social Media Shmooze Event. First time I ever drove alone into Manhattan and I was a little nervous. I’m a country bumpkin – and there are lots and lots of people there, and they all drive like crazy people! Well, not all of them…but you know what I mean.

I got there a little early and was glad to help set up the room. I actually shlepped 3 cases of drinks while teetering in my pink stiletto heels – it can be done, you know! (All that working out at the gym does pay off).

HSM Tweeting the Panel Discussion (Photo Credit to G6)

The event itself was extremely informative – we talked about using social media to promote kosher food and wine. The panelists were just so engaging. Paula Shoyer joined us all the way from DC (so thrilled that you came), we heard from Kim Amzallag from Kosher Inspired, Tamar Genger of Joyofkosher.com and Yossie Horwitz (gee, I hope I spelt it right) of Yossie’s Corkboard.

The panel was once again excellently moderated by the lovely Stephanie Grayson-Zane who I totally adore.

I got to meet some online people for the first time face-to-face which was really thrilling for me. I met @theculturemom @Gsix and @racheldmoore. I reconnected with some old friends and made some new ones and oh the networking! Totally fantabulous!

Here is a pic that the photographer snapped of me chatting away with @Gsix. We have been reading each other’s blogs for so long – it was so great to finally meet and chit chat in the flesh. (Can you believe she is a grandma? Looks way too young!)

Thank you MetroImma for this great schmooze. Thank you to Jdeal, Heering, Kosher.com and U Cafe for sponsoring on such a great event. And the Schwag bags? Total goodness.