Daily Archives: February 20, 2011

Dress Code

Every school in the religious world has some kind of dress code or uniform. Some allow cargo pants, some don’t. In some the shoes have to be dark dress shoes, some allow sneakers. Each has their own code.

As a parent I do my best to ensure that my sons are dressed according to the dress code of the school. I don’t buy them school clothes that veer off the guidelines – even just a tiny bit. I try to teach them about respecting the rules in every environment that they find themselves, whether or not they agree with the rules.

I recently overheard a discussion between two grade school boys complaining that one of them had been told to colour over his white sneakers with a black marker by his teacher. “I paid $90 for these sneakers – there is no way I am colouring over them”, said the incensed pre-teen. The other kid commented “why do you wear them then, to school, if you know it’s against the rules?”

The dress code specifically states that the pupils should only wear dark shoes or sneakers. Whether you agree or not that this is a good idea, you have chosen to send your child to this school, and therefore you should abide by the rules. What message does it give your child when you allow them to think it’s ok to bend rules occasionally? Does allowing him to wear white sneakers give him the message that all school rules are made to be broken? Or is a shoe just a shoe and should nothing be made of his choice of footwear?

What are your thoughts?

Mitzfunder – Please Donate

I received this email from my friend Leah Jones on Friday – very busy day for me and I am in the kitchen for most of it, so I am just reading it now. This is a project that is worthy of your support. Please donate. – Whatever you can give, it will help.

I’m working with Aryeh Goldsmith and a few others to create a peer to peer fundraising platform for Jewish projects called Mitzfunder. Too many buzzwords this late in the week? Think Kickstarter, but for Jewish projects.

And the first project on Mitzfunder is Mitzfunder.

We want to build the tool, but won’t build it unless there is financial support. The world doesn’t need another digital tool without an audience, so we are relying on the Jewish community to vote with dollars to tell us if we should keep building. We’re talking to people and racing to try and get 70% of our goal pledged in the next 27 days – that’s $10,500 of our $15,000 total. I’ve written a blog post answering as many questions as I could come up with that Aryeh hadn’t already answered on the FAQ on the site.

Mitzfunder: Peer to Peer Fundraising and You

Take a gander at the site for Mitzfunder and the blog post. Send us your ideas and questions. If you are interested, I hope that you’ll make a pledge, write a blog post or send a tweet. Aryeh and I are both available to answer questions you may have.

Shabbat shalom,

Leah Jones