Daily Archives: February 21, 2011


Advertising jingles. Which ones stick in your head? I have that annoying 1877 Kars for Kids one stuck in my head today. My kids remember commercials from Montreal – with the right phone numbers – Monsieur Renove, 274 1159. I can bet you my mother remembers commercials (or adverts as we call them) from back when she was younger.

What commercials stick in your head and why – is it the jingle or the product or the cute baby advertising it?

Food Shows

Ever notice how on every single cooking show every piece of equipment they use looks like it was just bought new? Nothing shows that it has been lovingly used for 15 years, no pot has a dent in it from the time you dropped it on the floor when your best friend told you a shocking secret while you were cooking, there has been no wear and tear on the mixer, no splashes or splotches on the stovetop, nothing burnt in the oven.

While I would dearly love for my kitchen to be that spotless all the time, it just isn’t practical at all. My kitchen looks well used and well loved.

My favourite item in my kitchen? My pink enamel soup pot that I make chicken soup in every single week. The pot cover’s handle is in the shape of a heart. It was a gift from a girlfriend a few years ago.

So my questions for you – how spotless is your kitchen? What’s your favourite item in your kitchen and why?

Meanest Mommy Award

I have received this award a time or two. OK, a gazillion times. Usually I get this award when I ask the kids to do something awful like clean their room or take out the garbage. The nerve!!

I am quite happy to keep on receiving this award because even though the little people might think I am mean and evil – they are learning useful life skills while awarding me this trophy.

Sure I would love for them to realize that all I ask of them is for their own good, and I could do without the eye rolling, but they are kids, and I know that I never realized the point of so many things until I became a mother myself. I know that when they become parents so many light bulbs will go off in their heads – they will finally get it.

But I was curious – there are some things that get under your kids’ skin more than others. One of my kids enjoys shoveling the walk when it has snowed, another looks at it as a punishment worse than death.

What do you get the meanest mommy / daddy award for? How do you handle it?

Invitation Weirdness

Invitations to the barmitzvah have gone out. One of my friends called me up asking me who had sent the invitation, because, she said, there was tremendous weirdness on the back of the envelope.

I had sent it out straight from the post office, and there was nothing weird about it. I had her scan in the envelope – that had been opened and taped shut. Obviously it was delivered to the wrong place, even though the address on it was correct.

What do you make of this “message”?