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Kosher Food and Wine Experience 2011

This huge event was held yesterday at the Chelsea Piers in NYC. It brought together kosher food, kosher chefs and kosher wine all under one beautiful roof overlooking the Hudson.

Jamie Geller, with whom I work, was one of the five guest chefs to be invited, so I tagged along. Words cannot even describe the delicious food – presentation and taste and oh the variety!

I was so honoured to meet the energetic Levana Kirschenbaum, the talented Jeff Nathan of Abigael’s, the prolific cookbook author Susie Fishbein, the lovely gentlemen behind Jack’s Gourmet Sausages, the blokes from Got Cholent (I so want some tees for my boys!) and many more “big” people in the kosher world. A great many people from my social media crew were there – along with 1600 or so others who paid a fair price to experience such a lavish evening.

We arrived there for 4 o’clock – and had the luxury of looking around before the rest of the crowd were allowed in at half past six. It was so well organized – press and trade came in first to do their schmoozing and networking without having to fight the crowds.

There were over thirty restaurants showcasing their delectable dishes – and of course, we were tempted to try every single dish. Some of the dishes were just so beautifully presented it was a shame to eat them but well worth it.

I was the designated driver so I didn’t get to taste any of the 360 or so wines that were being showcased – who knew there were so many kosher wines? Up in Montreal we never knew there was such a vast selection. I did however have a teeny taste of the Walders Vanilla Vodka – delicious.

I made some awesome contacts for both my personal and my professional life, and one of the greatest moments (that happened a few times) for me was “Oh you’re HSM?!! I read your blog!!” or “You’re that In The Pink lady”.

One of my friends from Montreal came down as she is a wine merchant – and getting a hug from her made my evening. She has been dispatched back to Montreal with plenty of hugs for my friends back “home”.

I have posted more photos on the kosherdotcom FB page – so go LIKE us and you can see more photos.

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