Daily Archives: April 2, 2011

Never ask questions!

I should learn. I really should.

I rarely make Deli Roll for Shabbat, only Squiggy eats it, and it’s a patchke especially when there is not much of an audience for it.

We had guests for lunch this Shabbat, so I made it. It is, after all, a staple at many North American Jewish homes for Shabbat lunch. Squiggy was in heaven.

After Shabbat, as I was washing dishes, he came up behind me, laid his head on my shoulder, and thanked me for a wonderful Shabbat, and for the deli roll. It was the best thing about his Shabbat.

I said to him, “the deli roll was the best thing about Shabbat? Not spending time with your Ima and your family?”.

“Ima”, he says, “you’re around ALL the time. Deli Roll isn’t”.

Edged out of the priority list by food. Hmmmph!!