Daily Archives: April 5, 2011

Parent Teacher Night

So tonight is Parent Teacher Night for one of the teens. He came home informing us that “Mr X-Teacher said that we will get extra credit on our next paper if you DON’T come to Parent-Teacher tonight ”.

Really? I get that “meet the creatures” is a chore that many teachers hate, but keep that feeling away from the children. This kind of statement makes me want to go and sit in front of him and ask him the most time-wasting questions just to show him he isn’t going to be giving the kids points for every quarter of an hour he saved by their folks not showing up.

So disturbed…


Drugs are Bad For You.

My son asked me to google some articles for him for a school project. I asked him to leave the list of what he needed on my desk.

This is what it said:

Need –

How heroin is taken.

The effects of heroin.

Where heroin comes from.

Now, had we not had a discussion a while before this that he needed this information for a school project I may have been concerned that he wanted all this information on a powerful drug. The class has been divided up into groups, and have decided to tackle the effects of dangerous drugs for their Science Fair.

Initially I was concerned. Kids need to know that drugs are bad for you. Yes indeed. They need to know that drugs cause people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. They need to know that drugs can kill. But do I need my son, my teenaged son, learning in detail about heroin, cocaine, meth etc?

Something about this project just doesn’t sit right with me, but after all his research and class discussion he has told me he is never taking drugs, EVER, so perhaps this whole project was worth it. He doesn’t understand why people would want to “poison” themselves for a temporary high. “Why can’t people just find the good in their lives??” Oh remember when we were so young and naïve?!