Small World Story

So y’all know I hang out on twitter occasionally, right? Sometimes people get in touch with me there to ask me if I want to try out their product or review a book or something. So @LoneTreeBeer – a microbrewery in Israel – contacted me and asked me if I would like samples to try. Um, heck yeah, but only AFTER Pesach!

So we got to schmoozing, as we do, and I happened to mention that I was Welsh. He mentioned he was Scottish but had a Welsh uncle who had lived in Scotland – Maurice Gaba. Well, that just stopped me in my tracks. Maurice Gaba was MY great uncle. Jewish Geography for the absolute WIN!

So we moved to email and started to discover our family connection. My Great-Uncle Maurice was married to his Aunt Pauline – David (@LoneTreeBeer) and my Mum share some of the same first cousins!

Now it’s midnight in Israel and too late to call my mother and find out if she ever met this “cousin” at any family function. They are both in Israel and there is plenty of family on both sides.

I am so looking forward to becoming better acquainted with a part of the family that I never met. I am sure that Uncle Maurice and Auntie Pauline are looking down on us fondly as we share happy memories of them.

2 responses to “Small World Story

  1. The world is small! Now, let’s take it even further…

    David lives in Neve Daniel, where my brother lives and where we are staying…
    My brother has a chocolate liquer business in Neve Daniel…(@Chocoholique)
    I have a cousin married to a girl from Glasgow…

    Coincidences? Irrelevant? You tell me…

    Okay, I just want to be 6 degrees away from HSM too!!

  2. Me too! I want to get in on the action. I live in Neve Daniel, and prior to Aliyah, my last name was ‘Welch’, my husband’s family originally (WAY back) hailing from Wales. We’re practically brothers…!
    I think this calls for glass of Lone Tree Beer and a side of Chocoholique liquor… 🙂

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