Since I last blogged

  • I met Dr Oz in the flesh – the man has presence!
  • We attended two very different but equally awesome sedarim.
  • We ate several delicious meals with wonderful friends.
  • I consumed about 17 lbs of matzah (ok, maybe less, but my stomach tends to exaggerate)
  • My taste buds were subjected to daily fiestas from different cooks and hope never to recover 🙂
  • We drove hundreds of miles – to drop off the boys with their dad (later today I plan on picking them up), and to spend the last days of chag with family in MD.
  • I slept. I slept a lot. We had a child-free Pesach so I slept as much as I could, banking as much zzzzs as is possible.
  • I bonded even more with the KoD’s great family
  • I appreciated the alone time I had with the KoD – won’t be a while till we have a day or two to ourselves again.

Now, it’s time to hit the ground running, get the house back in order – washing machine will be over worked today, get the pantry and refrigerator filled and get the boys back home. And I am looking forward to getting back to the work grindstone too. How was your holiday?

2 responses to “Since I last blogged

  1. Wonderful! Was spent with family and friends. We also slept A LOT! Took the days of Chol Hamoed easy. Watched TV, lazed around the house, visited the aquarium. BLISS!

    • I cooked, and then cooked some more, and just when I thought I was finished cooking someone was hungry and I was back at it! It was fabulous though.

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