Blue fingers

Blue fingers don’t just belong to smurfs. They belong to teenage boys who play ball and rough house in the school yard. Boys, who come to you DAYS later, and tell you they can’t move a finger on their right hand – and oh look, it’s black and blue and swollen. And by the way Ima, I think I sprained this finger on the other hand too. From playing basketball, no, baseball, no wait, that was my ankle last week…. Amazing how spraining ones finger brings on amnesia and you forget to tell your mother.

Then when Ima fusses, you get all fed up with her – which is probably why you didn’t tell her in the first place because she’d get all worried and insist you get x-rayed or something and that way she’d help your fingers get better quicker and what would be the point of that? That way you’d have to write homework sooner and that’s no fun. Much easier to be the strong and silent type.

Oh the joys of boys.

4 responses to “Blue fingers

  1. Lol! Childhood memories:)

  2. I love how my son can play the entire baseball game, run a victory lap or two around the bases, but can’t walk from the driveway into the house because he’s hurt his ankle. What! You were fine two minutes ago.

  3. I used to get jammed fingers playing basketball a lot. what does mom have to do with it? It goes away

  4. I think they learned from their super stoic ema that you just suck it up and move on until you can’t anymore.
    (I know I learned it from mine and will pass it on to my children as has occurred for many generations of Jewish women in my lineage)

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