Daily Archives: May 10, 2011

Yom Haatzmaut 2011

This is my first year that I am not attending the big rally in downtown Montreal for Yom Haatzmaut – this year, Israel’s 63rd birthday. In fact, there is not that much to do around Monsey to celebrate this auspicious day.

At the table last night the boys were talking about saying Hallel in davening – and if they were chosen to daven for the tzibbur in school, how they would accomplish that.

I was brought up a part of Bnei Akiva – a very Zionistic youth group, and that reflected our home philosophy too. My entire family – parents, brothers, uncles etc – all live in Israel. And here I sit in the Artzot HaBrit (USA). Most of the time it doesn’t bother me – after all, my husband, my kids, our life is here, but today, today it hurts to be so far away.

I miss my family. I miss my country. I miss Israel. My very good friend @eli4short is making Aliyah this summer and I am so excited for her and her family – but a little envious. It isn’t a possibility for us right now and I have made my peace with that. But still.

You know, I have travelled to Israel so many times that I have lost count. Yet every single time that plane lands on the tarmac at Ben Gurion, I cry happy tears. There is no other feeling of coming home anywhere else in this world for me. I hear Hatikvah and it moves me every single time.

Happy 63rd  Birthday Israel, may we celebrate many more years together. Next Year in Jerusalem. May we also celebrate the release of Gilad Shalit very soon.