Urgent Tehillim Needed

My friend Barry Shuter is in dire need of your prayers. He and his family went to Israel for Pesach this year and he got sick. I just received this message from his wife Amy – and I implore you to please storm the gates of heaven for a full recovery for Barry.

I am so sorry to be passing on bad news once again.

Barry has had another setback, this one the worst so far. He has extensive lung damage and they are not sure what is causing it. It is probably Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), but could also be some sort of infection. At this point, he is in a medically induced coma with with the respirator doing all of the breathing for him. He is receiving all possible medicinal support available at this time and is not improving.

The doctors are about to begin a radical therapy of high dose steroids in attempt to heal his lungs. This is an end of the line treatment. If it is the ARDS, then it should be helpful. If it is an infection causing the damage, the steroids could do more harm then good. In addition, the steroids will further suppress his already weakened immune system opening the door for risk of more infection. Unfortunately, they have no choice. They have prepared us for the worst, and suggested that we prepare the children.

We are once again in the position to ask you to help us shake the gates of shamayim and beg Hashem for a Yeshua for Eliezer Baruch Chaim ben Rochel Leah.


8 responses to “Urgent Tehillim Needed

  1. Oy vey. I am closing my office door and starting some tehillim right now!


  2. Will daven. Keep us updated. Refuah Shelaimah!!!!

  3. Can you set up an emergency tehillim ring at http://www.cholimlist.org? That’ll get so many people saying tehillim.
    Refuah sh’lemah to your friend.

  4. Lifting your friend and his family in prayer..

  5. Any special ones to say for healing?

  6. Thanks Hadassah, will do this right now. May HaShem grant him a Refuah Shelayma.

  7. And BTW, thank you HSM for telling me about DailyTehilim.com.

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