Daily Archives: May 17, 2011

Hair Woes

From the time we are little girls we are obsessed with our hair. It is our crowning glory and many hours are spent on straightening, or curling, blow drying, moussing, gelling, colouring etc. That does not end once the hair is covered upon marriage. We may not put as much effort into it as before, after all why spend hours straightening your hair when you are just going to stuff it under a hat, tuck it under a sheitel, or tie it back under a scarf but just the same we like it to look good. Covering it dries it out and dulls it down.

I fully admit to colouring my hair – after all, when ChatterBox wondered aloud how the hairdresser managed to put silver highlights in my hair just so, I knew I needed to do something about it. (Yes, folks, I don’t cover in front of my kids– it’s a personal choice).

My hair is in desperate need of a colour and a cut. The ends are split, my hair is just dying, slowly. And there are plenty more silver highlights – and I know just who put them there! Yesterday I put my sheitel (wig) on after pinning up my hair (and it’s long) and after an hour or so I noticed my sheitel was slipping back. Even with the pins and clips and what have you. Just the sheer weight of the hair tucked underneath was overwhelming the poor little wig.

It being the Sefirah / Omer (period of mourning in memory of a plague that killed the 24,000 students of Rabbi Akiva), we are not supposed to be cutting our hair. Allowing our hair to grow, and for the men not shaving, is a sign of mourning. But Lag BaOmer (33rd Day of the Omer when the mourning period is suspended) is not till Sunday and I felt that if I had to wait another week to chop off an inch or four I would go crazy. My KoD consulted our extremely competent LOR (Local Orthodox Rabbi) who told us that I *should* wait till Friday (can cut in honour of Shabbat) but if I really cannot wait, it’s ok. It’s really interfering with my hair covering – so I felt that I could go today and just get it taken care of.

I was just about out the door to the hairdresser’s after putting the lasagna in the oven when I stopped for a second. Yes, there is nothing assur (forbidden) about me going for a haircut right now, but I strive to teach the boys the right way in everything. They have to wait to have haircuts (and shave – oy how I need Lenny to shave…) yet because I am complaining about my hair I can cut it?? What message does this send to them – to look for a kulah (leniency) when it’s not really strictly important? I can really put up with the annoyance for another few days if I have to – just will wear my hats and my scarves and not bother with wigs.

I hate my hair at the moment. I want to just cut it all off into a pixie cut and be done with it. But I will wait till Friday to do it, and maybe by then I will be ok with leaving it a little longer than that. (Or maybe the KoD will have sweet talked me into just snipping a little off the ends….He can try).

How do you take care of your hair under your hair covering? Have you let it just get nasty or do you baby it?