Permission Slip

Squiggy brought home a permission slip for me to sign, allowing him to go to his teacher’s house with the rest of the class, for a BBQ.

This was written on the bottom of the paper. Remember Squiggy is 14 and may be responsible for a couple of the grey hairs on my head.

16 responses to “Permission Slip

  1. Oh boy; you’ve got your hands full, don’t you?!?

  2. lady lock and load

    What does BS mean? LOL!
    Your children have such a great sense of humor!

  3. I especially like the use of BS for the post script.

  4. I love that kid.

  5. I LIKE this kid!!!!!

  6. Great sense of humor!

  7. “All meat will be Aaron’s Best and KJ” — what about the whiskey, did it say “All whiskey will be single malt?”
    Did they put in a peanut allergy warning as well, or is it a peanut-free BBQ?

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