Daily Archives: May 26, 2011

Put it back!

Seriously folks, I was taught that if you take something out and use it, you put it back in the same place. Open something? Close it when you’re done.

I get very frustrated when I go to my local supermarket. People load up their shopping trolleys, shlepp their spoils to their vans, unload into the trunk, and just leave the carts there, or just nonchalantly give them a little nudge so that they cross the parking lot and end up bumping into the sidewalk in front of the store. How hard is it to walk it back to where you took it from, outside of the store, all line up ready for other shoppers?

I even shlepp it back in the snow and the rain (ok, if the boys are with me, they shlepp it back). It’s called being considerate. It’s called doing things the right way. Am I a dying breed? Do people not even care about the small things?