Daily Archives: June 1, 2011

Wednesday’s Wacky Signs

In honour of the start of BBQ season:

Bye Bye Blackberry

My Blackberry Tour froze. It won’t work anymore. I took it to the tech guys and they could not fix it. I also haven’t backed it up in a while. I sync with GoogleSync so I probably won’t have lost too much.

I am not too thrilled about getting another blackberry. The last few months it kept freezing on me and was just so slow. I am looking into the Droids and iPhones but am not sure which is better. Verizon guy said go with the Droid because it works great with GoogleSync but reviews I have read said that droids suck battery juice like anything and the cell phone reception is not so great. I just spoke to a friend who had a droid but switched back to a blackberry because he was out of battery by early afternoon with the droid.

I need a QWERTY keyboard. I hate touch screens and with my nails they just are not comfortable for me. I liked the size of the Blackberry – I don’t want anything too thin or fragile.

I need this smartphone to email from multiple accounts, support a couple of twitter platforms and facebook, camera, I need calls to be clear, I need to be able to run other apps like Skype, WordPress  etc and have plenty of space for memory. Perhaps have a music library too. I also need it to make coffee but I know that’s not on the cards for now.

Please – weigh in with your experiences.

Chalk on the sidewalk

I get that kids love to colour on the sidewalk with different types of chalk – it’s a great summer activity. Our area has no sidewalks – but we do have great driveways.

So tell me please, why, at 8 am this morning there was a little kid IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD chalking to his heart’s content?? He was a barely discernible lump in the road from where I was looking and was so intent on what he was doing. There are so many school buses that drive through our neighborhood at that time of the morning. It scared me. Big time.

I rolled down my window as I rolled past, and told him firmly to get out of the road, that he was in danger of being hurt. His answer “I don’t care”.

Luckily he ran inside his house before I had to stop the car and go find a parent. How would you have handled it?