Bye Bye Blackberry

My Blackberry Tour froze. It won’t work anymore. I took it to the tech guys and they could not fix it. I also haven’t backed it up in a while. I sync with GoogleSync so I probably won’t have lost too much.

I am not too thrilled about getting another blackberry. The last few months it kept freezing on me and was just so slow. I am looking into the Droids and iPhones but am not sure which is better. Verizon guy said go with the Droid because it works great with GoogleSync but reviews I have read said that droids suck battery juice like anything and the cell phone reception is not so great. I just spoke to a friend who had a droid but switched back to a blackberry because he was out of battery by early afternoon with the droid.

I need a QWERTY keyboard. I hate touch screens and with my nails they just are not comfortable for me. I liked the size of the Blackberry – I don’t want anything too thin or fragile.

I need this smartphone to email from multiple accounts, support a couple of twitter platforms and facebook, camera, I need calls to be clear, I need to be able to run other apps like Skype, WordPress  etc and have plenty of space for memory. Perhaps have a music library too. I also need it to make coffee but I know that’s not on the cards for now.

Please – weigh in with your experiences.

15 responses to “Bye Bye Blackberry

  1. I love my Verizon HTC Thunderbolt. Battery life however really is sort of an issue. A side point, BBMing should soon be coming to both apple and android systems as a purchasable app.

  2. I had a Bold 9650 for quite awhile – it’s a lot like the Tour. If you want a BB, I’d say go with that. Otherwise, people seem very enamored of the iPhone.

  3. If you want a physical keyboard the iPhone definitely isnt for you, you will never find one with it. You also wont get a 4G iPhone, there are 4G Droids. Also since you are a google user, I agree with the Droid because of how easy it is to set everything up. You just enter your google info and everything constantly syncs over the air. You never really have to think about it again, and you never need cables like you do with an iPhone to back it up.

    I have the Droid X and love it. When I am at work I use it non-stop because all internet is blocked, so I just leave it plugged in because I know it wont last the full day, but I use it much more than average. On the weekend however I can got a full day no problem, even with a decent amount of use.

    Right now they just came out with the Droid X2 which looks pretty good but isn’t qwerty or 4G. The Thunderbolt I have heard is great and is 4G, so it will be the fastest (Droid Charge I have heard is good but its new so I havent read as much, but its also 4G).

    If you want a physical keyboard you have 2 options really, Droid 2 or Droid Pro. The Pro is a thin candy bar shapes phone (more like your BB), the Droid 2 has a slide out keyboard, so between those two it would be whichever feels better in your hands.

  4. As I mentioned on Twitter I would recommend an iPhone 4. It’s easier for me to list CONS for other phones than all PROS for iPhone, but I try my best:

    iPhone PROS:
    – consistent user experience (the interface is very thought through)
    – you know that even 2 years from now it will be as useful as today. it gets scratched on the back, but doesn’t loose it’s value
    – best apps are created for iPhone, many of them are free
    – mobile websites created with iPhone in mind first, other phones second
    – great camera
    – you can pair it iPad and have a consistent experience between devices
    – iOS5 is coming and you will have an update for iPhone 4 (unlike Androids)

    Other phones CONS:
    – BB is previous century. There was no innovation or progress in their phones. They are more limited than not. You are not guaranteed someone will support an app for BB tomorrow if one exists at all
    – Android is very inconsistent, clumzy and unpredictable. Unless you are willing to spend hours on getting used to all quirks and totally non-logical parts of different apps. Four soft buttons instead of one with a specific action will confuse you today or tomorrow. You may not be eligible for an update to the current version of OS. Who guarantees you will have an update to the next one?
    – Windows Phone 7 never got traction and may not any time soon. Why invest in the darkness?
    – Palm is 2 years old is not widely supported

    Hope you will like your next phone!

    • I disagree with a lot of those iPhone pros.

      Almost all apps are on both and a lot have started doing android first. Like facebook connect was on android before iPhone.

      Mobile websites are created for all touch phones at once. There aren’t different ones for Android. Its usually touch vs not.

      IPhone have 5mp camera and most android have 8mp. They also both have pinch to zoom and tab to focus.

      You have tons of android tablets the sync perfectly.

      Google requires everyone to update software for at least 18 months now. IPhone is supposedly stopping updating the 3gs so its the same timeline. My Droid x came out with 2.1 then 2.2 and now 2.3 (the most up to date version)

      Also what is confusing about the buttons Back, Home, Menu and search. Its easy and straight forward.

      I am not saying Android is perfect, but your argument is very flawed.

      • Evan,

        See we are discussing here why Lexus is better than Toyota or Ford. When you switch from Ford to Lexus it drives the same, you turn the same wheel and so on. But if you were switching from Lexus to Ford, you’d probably felt the difference. It drives, but not as soft, it has steers, but not as easy, it has the same dashboard, but it’s not as user-friendly and again so on.

        I am not sure if you have owned an iPhone, but I do for almost 3 years. I just got my mom an Android assuming she’ll go easily with it. Nada. Even I can’t figure out sometimes how to delete an alarm (press and hold, no other way) or how to delete an app (gotta go to Market app for that). While deleting an app is not something she does in her life, simple things like managing contacts, using alarms and simply going online, typing, copying and pasting is the most common use she got her Android for. So after iPhone it is clumsy, often illogical and not as intuitive as one would want it to be.

        Now back to iPhone PROS and their flawness:

        Apps are written for both iPhone and Android, but they don’t look the same. And don’t act the same. iPhone apps are often more predictive and thought through than Android. Just look at the FB app…

        Mobile websites are another example: how many websites can you number which are built using Android interface style and guidelines? I can’t think of one. How many resemble iPhone app interface style? Just start from Google’s own Gmail.

        iPhone has a 5mp camera with picture quality closest to a regular point-and-shoot ones, and it is considered to be one of the best on the market. More pixels do not equal to a better quality and in many cases (including P-and-S cameras) it makes things only worse. It’s a known fact not said by camera makers because most consumers don’t care anyway. Read this for example: and or just google for more.
        iPhone has Tap to focus, but no pinch to zoom. This is very personal wether you find pinch to zoom useful, or you’re ok with iPhone solution for that, but in any case we know that this fall three generations of iPhones (starting from 2 years old iPhone 3GS) will have pinch to zoom functionality.

        Updates (if any and ever) – 18 months is less than a 2 year contract, so buying an Android phone you automatically bind yourself to have an outdated phone before you can upgrade. Not exactly so with iPhone – i have an almost 3-year old iPhone 3G which received updates on the same day as all newer iPhones until this past March. That’s long time over my contract without feeling ditched.
        Also, Google requires phones to be upgraded within 18 months, but they do not guarantee that your phone will be capable of running a system released 12 months after your phone. I.e. there’s no prediction that your phone will ever be able to run 3.1 and even no prediction if it will be released in the 18 months window.
        My mom’s phone is a good example – a phone released 2 months after OS 2.3 was released is still running on 2.2 and you don’t know when it will finally get an update.

        Confusing buttons? Yes confusing, because sometimes you have to press options “real button” and sometimes options are on on actual screen. Same for back button – which one to press – one on the screen or one of the phone? Good developer thinks from a standpoint of an end user – what would be end users logic here? This is why iPhone’s one button concept is good. What’s the purpose of the button? Get out of an app. How do I go back one step? Back button is always in top-left corner. Settings/Options? Look for a button in the app where applicable. Simpler for the user who’s not techy, but simply a user.

        I agree, iPhone is not perfect, and you can see it by how many new features have been introduced in the iOS5 – people have been asking for some for years. They got them only now, but they got features which are simple to use and get their purpose perfectly. Features you can trust. Even if they were copied from others.

  5. I have a netbook, cost about 300$, can surf.

    I think this is much better than ipad, iphone, etc…

  6. I also recommend a Droid for the reason listed. Yes, battery life is an issue,but frankly. The days of going a week on a charge are over, simply because we expect our phones to do so much. I also have long nails, but manage fine with a touch screen. I use a keyboard called swype.

  7. I actually do like touch screens and so am very happy with my iPhone. But I could certainly understand you wanting a real keyboard – but then your options very limited – Nokia , blackberry.
    Are you sure you need a smartphone?? You write so much maybe consider another option:-
    I was at an important meeting this week and the main person I was meeting with sat down and pulled out a new MacBook Air 11″ – it’s a totally
    amazing machine. Light and small, only slightly bigger than a iPad – but it’s a real computer with
    a real keyboard. So this person said that he’d
    given up on his smartphone and now only used
    a simple phone plus the Air.
    When he was in a “work” enviroment – he wanted a decent screen and keyboard and when he was out with his family, he didn’t want the distractions of a smartphone.
    Anyway, made a lot of sense to me and maybe also to you?

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE my Samsung Galaxy S (Droid). It is a touch screen but when you rotate it the keys are big. I don’t find it clumsy at all.

  9. If you like the push email above all else and have multiple email accounts to keep up with then BB is still the best. It basically does that one thing well and still has very good battery life.

  10. Another example why Android is the way _not_ to go –
    This won’t happen with iPhone.

    • There are low end android phones and high end. I imagine your moms issues are the same as this. The manufacturer decided on a low end model. That’s not a software issues. Its why you need to buy based on your needs. I need my phone to be a work horse and that’s why I have the Droid X. I definitely don’t have those issues your mom had. My phone has 8gb international and 36 SD card. Memory is not an issue.

      Did you also notice that almost every new feature on ios 5 has been on android already? Most for 3 years

      • Err sorry, but HTC Desire or Samsung Galaxy 4G S (what my mom has) are not low end phones. LG Optimus is lower end, but not the two above.
        Also, don’t make a mistake, memory needed for the OS is not the storage memory, but RAM. And HTC Desire has more RAM than Droid X (576MB vs 512MB).

        And if one is spending more than $100 on the new phone, I see no reason not to get an iPhone (unless you are stuck on Sprint or T-mobile, like my mom).

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