Chalk on the sidewalk

I get that kids love to colour on the sidewalk with different types of chalk – it’s a great summer activity. Our area has no sidewalks – but we do have great driveways.

So tell me please, why, at 8 am this morning there was a little kid IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD chalking to his heart’s content?? He was a barely discernible lump in the road from where I was looking and was so intent on what he was doing. There are so many school buses that drive through our neighborhood at that time of the morning. It scared me. Big time.

I rolled down my window as I rolled past, and told him firmly to get out of the road, that he was in danger of being hurt. His answer “I don’t care”.

Luckily he ran inside his house before I had to stop the car and go find a parent. How would you have handled it?

4 responses to “Chalk on the sidewalk

  1. I would have done exactly the same thing. I always stop if a child seems to be in danger.

  2. If you know who the parent is – or at least where the kid lives, I’d still politely mention it to the mother. It’s really worrisome that the kid actually said what he said…. Mom should know that.

  3. lady lock and load

    I am glad we have people like you in the neighborhood who care about other children and you did the right thing.
    Personally, I would never let my children chalk up a street, even if it was safe (which it is not). The street does not belong to you and public property should not be scribbled on. On my own driveway, no problem.

  4. Mel from Monsey

    In the past when little children were playing inappropriately in the middle of the road I went to the house, knocked on the door and told the parent to keep an eye on their child. The best was when there was a 3 year old riding a tricycle in the middle of a busy street. I stopped, found out where she lived and went and spoke to the mother . The mother’s reply was; “the child”. knows how to take care of herself”. I guess the mother had a tremendous amount of bitachon or stupidity. I believe the latter.
    I sleep better at night knowing that I did my bit.
    Monsey has beautiful children that G-d seems to be watching over. Because the parents aren’t.

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