They need the chicken to change

I don’t want to change. They want my chicken soup to be different. I have made it this way for 17 years. Lots of clear broth and lots of veggies and lots of chicken. They want me to liquidize it all together once it’s cooked. I say that that would kill the spirit of my chicken soup. If they want something like that, I will make them a vegetable soup – and puree it. Or the really awesome butternut squash soup I have made many times. My chicken soup is MY chicken soup. It is world famous. Ok – maybe not world famous, but my recipe has been requested by many a guest.

What say you? Compromise my chicken soup principles or tell THEM to take a hike?

9 responses to “They need the chicken to change

  1. batya from NJ

    I say try it their way once & then take a vote on which way is better!!

  2. Mel from Monsey

    There is no room for democracy when it comes to chicken soup. Chicken soup is medicinal and a religious experience. Its your way or the highway.

  3. I think it is a tremendous gesture on your part to try it their way, and maybe make it that way from time to time. .. While perhaps letting one of them become your sous chef for chicken soup (I bet they aren’t awake when you make it) and learn to make the soup they like without you. Then you can allow them to serve you their soup. I can’t wait to be served food by my kids…. will happen someday, right?

    You could also do what I am doing this Shavuot, and switch to onion soup. ; )

  4. The point of the the food is to be eaten and enjoyed to the maximum by the people eating it. So cook for the crowd. If they enjoy something different so change it.

  5. lady lock and load

    I hear you Hadassah, that would be a hard one for me. There is nothing more traditional than clear chicken soup and carrots and other veggies with a knaidel.
    I would try adding rice or lukshen to their soup bowl (for those who want) if they want a thicker soup.

  6. Weird. Why would anyone want to change your soup?!?! and to puree chicken soup?! where did they see this done? perhaps what they really want is cream of chicken soup?

  7. When we come visit we simply DEMAND – nay, we INSIST – on YOUR chicken soup. Anything else is simply – well, not chicken soup!

  8. Send ’em over so I can straighten them out

  9. What they are asking for is baby food.

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