Daily Archives: June 6, 2011

No Texting Pledge

I spend some time in the car every day. With kids and a household and living out in the boonies, well, driving is a necessity. However, texting / emailing while driving is not a necessity yet so many of us do it. And contrary to popular opinion, it isn’t just the teenagers.

My car is hooked up with Bluetooth so that I can talk on the phone hands free. My hands should be on the wheel and nowhere else. It’s so tempting to check email at the stop sign, send a quick tweet at a red light – but these are not the safest of behaviours.

So I am pledging that I will not text / email / tweet / look at my phone while the car is in Drive. Once it’s parked and I am safe, then I can check. After all, nothing serious will happen if an email sits in my inbox unread for 15 minutes, right? So who is with me?

Who will pledge to not touch their phone while driving? Let’s keep ourselves safe, and our roads safer.