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Freedom of Speech in Jeopardy?

A buddy of mine writes a blog to help people in the midst of contentious divorces, and picking up the pieces after. He’s embroiled in a particular nasty custody battle, and the judge in his case has ordered him to shut down the blog that he runs.

Please go over here and read about this and do what you can to help.

His words: We are asking for help in this defense because it is an issue that faces any parent that is divorced. Imagine a judge telling you that you cannot talk about your children on “any public media” – which would include things like Facebook updates, Twitter, or your personal blog – or you will lose custody.  Imagine the far-reaching consequences for bloggers everywhere if orders such as this one are left unchallenged?  There goes your online support group.  There goes your Facebook and Twitter updates.  Your website, personal OR commercial – ordered gone under threat of incarceration and having your beloved children removed from your custody.  This order flies in the face of our civil rights, and your civil rights, too!

Please do what you can.

School Year is Practically Over

Our first academic year in Monsey will be officially over on Thursday. What a ride it has been! A phenomenal year was had by all the InThePink kids.

Lenny graduates 10th grade and is counting down the two years he has left in school – he plans to make aliyah, and join the Israeli Army. He is working this summer in the Catskills, turns 16 next month, and is way too grown up for me to accept.

Squiggy has graduated 8th grade and finished his elementary / middle school career. We had a lovely graduation for him and his class on Sunday night at which the entire class had the chance to give a speech. He gave over his part so confidently – I think he may indeed have a future in public speaking. He’s looking forward to high school.

HockeyFan is leaving 7th grade and entering his last year in elementary / middle school. We have to start considering high school options for him – didn’t I just do this? Oh yeah, that was for Squiggy. But it is wonderful to have schools to choose from.

Chatterbox is going into 4th grade and growing like a weed. He is already talking about learning to drive and his barmitzvah and is in such a rush to grow up. I want him to stay little and sweet forever.

They will enjoy their summer off – no camp. Or actually,Camp Ima. When they are here. They are lucky enough to be up in Montreal for part of the summer – so the KoD and I will have some time to ourselves. Knowing us, we’ll be working, but hopefully will take some time off to take a short trip or two.

This will be my first summer juggling working at home and children around  – I plan to rise early (5 am) and work through till lunchtime, the kids can manage to keep themselves occupied until then, and the afternoons will be errands, parks, pools, fun etc.

I guess I had better stock up on coffee.

So how was the school year for your kids? What are your summer plans?

Waking up is hard to do

I get up earlier than the kids, so I can get caffeinated in peace and quiet and slowly open my eyes at my own pace. That’s the idea, anyway. I don’t get adequately caffeinated until about 4 in the afternoon but that’s a different story.

I am a grump in the mornings. And it takes me a long time to be articulate. A long time and a lot of coffee.

But the nine year old wakes up raring to go. He bounces out of bed, questions pouring out of him. He’s bubbly and energetic and so happy with his life. I want to embrace that and encourage it – but but but he’s so………… perky. And it’s early. And I just need more coffee.

But I know this won’t last. At some point in the next couple of years he will develop into a morning kvetch just like his brothers and have to be pushed and prodded out of bed. He will be monosyllabic and non-conversational – and I will still complain.

Pass the coffee. And the grumpitol.

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