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It’s “Work” No Matter Where You Do It

Oy, I am so fed up with people thinking that because I work out of the house I can just drop everything on a moment’s notice. Is it that people don’t see working at home as a real job because I don’t get dressed up in a suit, commute, and share office space with a bunch of other drones?

Yes being a WAHM has so many advantages – I can make my own hours most of the time, but I have meetings too. They do count even if they are on the phone or over Skype. I do have deadlines. I do have WORK that I am being paid to do. And I am juggling the house and kids and everything else. I still go to work when I am sick. I still work when the kids are off from school. I juggle it all at home.

“Oh come on, no one will know if you take the afternoon off” – um, it’s not a question of anyone knowing. It’s a question of, if I take the afternoon off I will have to work longer hours tomorrow. If I blow off work today, tomorrow I have to work twice as hard. Because no one is going to pick up my slack.

I can be flexible – which is good. I can get up from my desk for a break, throw in a load of laundry, put some dough to rise, and vacuum, and sit back down and feel more productive. Yes, I can run to the store and do my groceries at my convenience. But every minute away from my desk during my work day is measured.

So I cannot just blow off work for the heck of it. I take my job seriously. I love what I do. I live and breathe it. I am being paid to do what I love – that’s not something I want to ever mess with.

I answer to myself, and when I say I cannot take time off work to hang out just because you have a free day, then that is what it means. I am dedicated. Not a stick in the mud. And there is a huge difference.

(If I wasn’t dedicated I wouldn’t still be working in my home-office at 9 o’clock at night, let me tell you that).

So have some respect for us work at home people. Our jobs are just as important as anyone else’s.

Pass the grumpitol.

She just wanted towels

You guys have to read this (some fowl* language so be warned). Any of you married people out there can totally relate!

And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles!

*I know, it’s “foul”. Read that article and it will all become clear, grasshopper.

Half Shabbos

So this article is going viral in the Jewish World – Half Shabbos is a Way of Life – and to sum up, it talks about Orthodox teens keeping the laws of Shabbat except they are unable to stop texting with their friends. So they have called it half Shabbos – they are keeping most of the holy day but not all of it.

I asked my eldest if he had heard of it – he said he had heard of the idea but knows no one in his yeshiva who practices it.

Look, we all know I am stuck to technology all day long. I email, text, call, FB, blog, tweet and everything else in between. But only 24/6. I look forward to switching off from all modes of technology over Shabbat, and rediscovering relationships in the real world.

How can they justify this? Even Orthodox smokers go without their addictive cancer sticks over Shabbat – and I would think as addictions go, nicotine is a much stronger substance than a cell phone.

How has this become “accepted” in certain Modern Orthodox circles? The author of the article says that this phenomenon is so widespread that half of all MO teens text. Really?

How do we deal with this? How do we get the teens to stop texting on Shabbat without pushing them further away from Judaism? What do you think about this new phenomenon?