It’s “Work” No Matter Where You Do It

Oy, I am so fed up with people thinking that because I work out of the house I can just drop everything on a moment’s notice. Is it that people don’t see working at home as a real job because I don’t get dressed up in a suit, commute, and share office space with a bunch of other drones?

Yes being a WAHM has so many advantages – I can make my own hours most of the time, but I have meetings too. They do count even if they are on the phone or over Skype. I do have deadlines. I do have WORK that I am being paid to do. And I am juggling the house and kids and everything else. I still go to work when I am sick. I still work when the kids are off from school. I juggle it all at home.

“Oh come on, no one will know if you take the afternoon off” – um, it’s not a question of anyone knowing. It’s a question of, if I take the afternoon off I will have to work longer hours tomorrow. If I blow off work today, tomorrow I have to work twice as hard. Because no one is going to pick up my slack.

I can be flexible – which is good. I can get up from my desk for a break, throw in a load of laundry, put some dough to rise, and vacuum, and sit back down and feel more productive. Yes, I can run to the store and do my groceries at my convenience. But every minute away from my desk during my work day is measured.

So I cannot just blow off work for the heck of it. I take my job seriously. I love what I do. I live and breathe it. I am being paid to do what I love – that’s not something I want to ever mess with.

I answer to myself, and when I say I cannot take time off work to hang out just because you have a free day, then that is what it means. I am dedicated. Not a stick in the mud. And there is a huge difference.

(If I wasn’t dedicated I wouldn’t still be working in my home-office at 9 o’clock at night, let me tell you that).

So have some respect for us work at home people. Our jobs are just as important as anyone else’s.

Pass the grumpitol.

7 responses to “It’s “Work” No Matter Where You Do It

  1. I can relate. I had a lot of struggles with this while I was freelancing, and it was part of why I chose to go back to an office setting.

  2. I once heard that entrepreneurship is “Getting to work whichever 80 hours per week you wish!”.

  3. You know, the stupidity of others never ceases to amaze. Do they think your work does itself? Also, working from home has disadvantages as well – distractions, more demands to multitask, etc. It isn’t as if your employer pays you for doing nothing.

    I have this conversation half a dozen times a semester.

  4. Amen v’Amen. Working as a stay-at-home Ima for the past year, your words even apply to that job in a big way.

    Thanks and Good Shabbos. 🙂

  5. AGH THIS KILLS ME, too. Seriously.

    “So, it’s not … a real job, right?”

  6. I hear this a lot, too. From my own boyfriend, even! He works 6am to 1pm, so he comes homes in the middle of my work day. “Come on, why can’t we just go out for lunch?” “Are you SURE you don’t want to watch a movie/run to the store with me/ do something else that isn’t work?” It’s one of the big tension points in our relationship right now. Work is work! How would he like it if I showed up on his Coast Guard boat & tried to convince him to leave for lunch with me?!

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