Embarrassing Moment

A while ago a dear friend was having tech trouble of gargantuan proportions that stumped even the most savviest of tech support geeks. I will not say what or where or how or who, but it ended up being a simple fix. I figured I would share a moment of my own.

Many years ago, I was newly married, living in Montreal. We took delivery of a washer and drier in our new apartment, and the electricians and plumbers did their thing and hooked everything up.

It took a while to generate enough laundry for one load. I was quite the newbie at household machinery so I made sure to study the manual before pulling and pushing knobs on my brand new washing machine.

Finally, I knew what to do, and turned the knob to where it needed to be, and pulled it out. Nothing. Pushed it in, pulled it out again. Nope. No water started filling the drum. I went back to the manual. Yep. I was doing it right. I must have tried to do it a hundred times.

I finally gave in and called the then-husband. He gave me the number of the dudes who had set up the machinery for us. I called, told them they set it up, but it doesn’t work and I need to wash clothes and can you please come and fix it because otherwise I may cry….

An hour later, the guy was in my kitchen with his flashlight peering behind my washer. Aha, says he, I found the problem. He straightens up with the power cord in his hand. It had not been plugged in. Yup. I paid $60 for a guy to plug my washing machine in to the electricity socket on the wall.

Really? I was supposed to have checked it was plugged in? It didn’t specify THAT in the manual. Of course my (then) husband had a huge laugh at my expense – totally well deserved. I didn’t think I would ever be able to laugh about it – but here I am, 17 years later chortling my head off.

So, any of you have any similar embarrassing moments?

2 responses to “Embarrassing Moment

  1. Yeah, I’ve had that too but on a smaller scale. Recently I attempted to use my food processor for the first time in a long time. I put the bowl and cover in place, then turned the cover so it would lock. Then I tried to turn it on but it would not start. I was sure it was because the bowl or cover was not locked in properly so I spent 10 minutes trying to get it right. My hubby came is because he heard me getting frustrated and pointed out that the food processor was not plugged in! At least I didn’t pay any money to fix that duh! moment.

  2. If it makes you feel better when we bought a new washer 22 years ago (still works, so we got our money’s worth), my wife did the same thing, except the fuse was blown, rather than the machine unplugged and she waited until I got home so we weren’t stuck with a repair bill. Did I mention she is a professor of electrical engineering? It’s real easy to convince yourself you have a problem and overlook simple things, especially after you have gone over it a couple times.

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