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Why does it feel so good to let loose a stream of filthy dirty language when we stub a toe? Why, when we are angry, do we express ourselves better when we punctuate with f-bombs?

I try very hard not to swear / cuss. I don’t want my kids using foul language, and really, it isn’t necessary for me.

On the odd occasion where I do let a nasty word slip (hey, I am human and I stub my toes a lot!) the KoD always seems so taken aback. He says I am so ladylike and feminine – and it shocks him when I curse like a sailor.

In my defense, I generally only swear when angry or hurt. I don’t plant f-bombs and s-words, or other expletives, in every day conversation the way some people do.

But I do wonder why it feels so good to swear? Anyone?

(Post inspired by new book called Go the F*** to Sleep…..)

Full Time Hours

I started a discussion on my Facebook wall and decided to move it here. I was recently chatting with a friend who also works full time from home. I asked her her definition of full time. She said 50-60 hours a week. My understanding of full time is 40 hours a week. (In the interests of full disclosure I work full time, at home, and usually put in upwards of 50 per week but that’s because I need to have things finished before I log off for the evening, not because it’s expected of me.)

Do people think that because you work from home you can put in more hours? Do you think advantage is taken of your availability?

What do you consider full-time?

If you work full-time at home, do you have a policy of no work calls or emails between certain hours? Is this a policy you stick to quietly, or is it something that your co-workers are aware of so that they don’t contact you at this time?

I try to have a policy of closing down my work email for the night between 7pm and 8 pm. When the kids are in school then from 4.30pm till 7pm is THEIR time – and I try to be around and not working. I will check email if I need to, but they come first. Having an office at home is good, because if I physically leave the office, I have made a separation between work and home.

So – weigh in!

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