Why does it feel so good to let loose a stream of filthy dirty language when we stub a toe? Why, when we are angry, do we express ourselves better when we punctuate with f-bombs?

I try very hard not to swear / cuss. I don’t want my kids using foul language, and really, it isn’t necessary for me.

On the odd occasion where I do let a nasty word slip (hey, I am human and I stub my toes a lot!) the KoD always seems so taken aback. He says I am so ladylike and feminine – and it shocks him when I curse like a sailor.

In my defense, I generally only swear when angry or hurt. I don’t plant f-bombs and s-words, or other expletives, in every day conversation the way some people do.

But I do wonder why it feels so good to swear? Anyone?

(Post inspired by new book called Go the F*** to Sleep…..)

17 responses to “Swearwords

  1. lady lock and load

    And his majesty the KoD never cusses?

      • lady lock and load

        Lord Lock and Load and I are celebrating our 26th anniversary tomorrow. I have never heard him curse. But I make up for him, unfortunately. When I am angry. Really angry. That’s why anger is such a terrible thing, it just makes you lose control.

        • I have also been known to swear when I am REALLY REALLY mad unfortunately. My kids are funny b/c when I for example stub my toe & curse my 16 year old “knacker” will say, “Mom, watch your language, there are children here!!”. He’s a character alright ;)! Thankfully I don’t generally get REALLY REALLY upset that often nor do I stub my toe that often (especially since I’ve been wearing shoes around the house ever since I developed foot pain last year..)

  2. batya from NJ

    Did you ever watch the movie The King’s Speech? Foul language helped cure stuttering in that movie!

  3. Mythbusters did a thing on this a while back. Swearing ups your pain tolerance.

  4. But swearing with a Brit accent always sounds so elegant and even a little cute to me 🙂

  5. They actually did a study that cursing HELPS alleviate physical pain so it helps people with chronic pain and it helps even when you stub your toe. I wish I had the link. I remember as a kid, I only cursed when I was defending my little sisters against bullies. And even then, I went home and I said like 10 Hail Marys because I was sure I was going to go straight to hell. (Did I mention that I also had a 4th grade teacher who washed your mouth out with soap if she heard you cursing. She washed your mouth out right in front of the entire class!) I didn’t start officially cursing until I was 18 and haven’t spent my childhood never doing it, I kinda got out of hand. 🙂 One of my boyfriends remarked that it was quite unladylike to curse like a sailor. But when I started teaching at 24, I really learned to keep those cuss words in even when I was being cursed out by my own students! Now, as a rabbi’s wife, it’s probably not kosher even when I stub my toe.

  6. That book is very funny because it really conveys the extreme frustration of trying to get a child to sleep. On the other hand, I found that the constant repetition of foul words got tired after a while!

  7. I actually wrote a post about swearing a long long time ago. I don’t think it was very well written so I’m not going to link to it, but it can be found on my blog somewhere or other. I think I wrote two posts about it actually.

    Swearing helps in that the words that one uses to express anger are unique in their ability to do so. Even idioms and analogies don’t achieve the same degree of anger that cussing does. In one word, you can express everything you’re feeling. You can’t do that with other words no matter how fluent you are with the language. There’s just nothing but swear words to do it.

    It’s funny that one of your commenters mentioned that cursing helped someone overcome their stuttering problem. I read a studies a few years ago that work environments that condone, or at least don’t stop people from, swearing are less stress-filled areas to work in. I believe the explanation was because there is less pent-up emotion. If someone is upset, they swear and get their anger out of their system whereas where swearing is frowned upon, the anger which needs to be released, isn’t.

    I don’t think that people should swear, but I do see its “value” and purpose in society… for everyone but Jews; we have mussar and the Torah to teach us how to deal with our anger and stresses in life. Cursing should be no more than a crutch that we hopefully overcome as we grow in our middos and Judaism.

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