Make Up Your Mind

You want to be treated like a grown up. “I’m not a kid anymore”.

You want to be respected as a person in your own right – “I’m not a kid anymore”.

You want freedom to come and go as you please – “I’m not a kid anymore”.

You mess up and want forgiveness – “What do you expect? I’m just a kid”.

How am I supposed to keep track of when you are an adult and when you are a kid??

10 responses to “Make Up Your Mind

  1. batya from NJ

    Welcome to teenager motherhood. It’s a blast, let me tell you ;)!!

    • Whatever you do, don’t tell them that adults make mistakes. We are perfect. Besides, they will spend ages 13-19 telling us that we’re not anyway and we suck and why did we ruin their lives by existing only to embarrass them.

  2. I just said to someone the other day that the thing about teenagers is that sometimes they act 2 and sometimes they act 25 and there isn’t a whole lot in-between.

    But I plan to enjoy this stage anyway.

  3. With 3 teenagers in the house, I am quickly learning that it is absolutely MY job to keep track of when they can be treated as adults and when they need to be treated as children. It is the most exquisitely narrow balancing act imaginable. You think you’re confused? Your teenager is much more confused, and he needs you to guide him through the thicket.

  4. ahin- aher that’s called: puberty!

  5. I remember when you were a teenager . . . . . . .

  6. Hadassah- I’m reading a great book that will answer all of these kid/adult questions- Its called “Blessings of a B Minus” – Google it- its really helping me see my kids for who they really are, and for who they can become. Marlene

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