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Prayers at the Wall

Three years ago I brought my eldest son to Israel. He stood at the Kotel and was overwhelmed with emotion – more than I thought a 13 year old could be. For me, it was also an overwhelming experience – one that I wrote about here.

Last week on Wednesday, I returned to the Kotel to pray – and to ask for blessings for so many people. As I stood there I felt so deeply humbled at the multitude of gifts that have been bestowed upon me since my last visit.

It was not long after I prayed at the Kotel, and at my father’s and grandparent’s graves, that I met my KoD. It was mere weeks from those reflective moments that my life changed forever – for the better.

In those three years, we met, married and I moved to New York. I am married to a man who fills my life with so much love and joy. The boys are thriving. I am now working at my dream job. There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank God for his abundant blessings – but it was really brought home to me on Wednesday when I was back at the Kotel. How far have I come?! How far have I been carried?!

Sometimes we pray so hard for things, and when our prayers are answered – do we take the time to acknowledge it? Or do we just accept the positive outcome without realizing and only pause to comment when our prayers are denied?

I left my prayers and my tears on the Kotel and on my father’s grave. My soul leaves a part of itself here in Israel, awaiting my return.


Listen to my radio broadcast

I was on Rusty Mike Radio last Wednesday in Jerusalem. Click to listen to my interview.  Thanks Adam – I had a lovely time.

Jerusalem Tweet Up

I have so much to say, but no time.

Here are some pix from last night’s Jerusalem Tweet Up.

Here is a wrap up post from Yisrael Medad.

So much to tell you, be patient – I will have so much to blog about when I get back.

Greetings From Newark

I got here early because I hate standing in line. The Israeli security agent actually cracked a smile – i wasn’t used to that. She looked at my passport pic, looked at my DOB, looked at my face and told me I look much younger than my age. Awesome start to my day.

But then she took my Green Card to discuss with her buddies. They had never seen a two year Green Card and had wondered why I was so limited. So I had to explain to her that it was because when I applied I had been married to my American husband for less than two years – so I have to reapply with proof that we have a real marriage. She was curious but accepting.

Now I am sitting at the gate, got free WiFi for 45 minutes, am checking email and social media. I bought some novels, will go get some Starbucks and then I will be on my way home.

I saw the plane and I cried. There is nothing like that feeling of when the plane lands at Ben Gurion. It’s like my soul can finally breathe at 100% capacity.

I will update from Israel.

Meet Me in Jerusalem

I am off to Israel next week – and would love to meet you. We are having a Jerusalem Tweet-Up at HaGov Bar / The Lion’s Den on Wednesday July 27 at 7 pm. FB Event link is here. (Yes indeed, William Daroff is joining us too!)

I will also be on Rusty Mike Radio on Wednesday at 11.30 am – tune in! The rest of my week in Israel I will be up and down the country meeting and greeting and visiting.

Blogging will be sporadic at best….but hopefully there will be plenty of regular blogging once I get back.

People do not learn

Do not leave your children alone even for a second – that’s what I have been taught.

I had a great lunch with @kvetchingeditor (even though I have spent much of the time since worshipping at the porcelain throne. Something I ate did not agree with me) and afterwards we just popped over to Ruthie’s clothing store because I needed to purchase a couple of shells (long sleeve microfiber tees to wear under less modest tops).

We walked by an unattended baby carriage on our way out of the shopping complex. With a baby in it.

After all that happened last week and the heartbreak and the warnings about keeping you children safe, this parent left their baby alone. In a public area. Where anyone could have taken it.

Just cannot get my head around it.

Wednesday’s Wacky Sign

Weird Dream

So last night I had the strangest dream. I went with Rivki Silver (who I have not yet met IRL) to a local wedding, where she was hired to play piano. I was there as a page turner. (Totally do not read music, but hey, I had special dream powers).

Half way through the performance (I thought this was a wedding?!) someone in my life with very negative energy walked in to the hall. Every time I looked to check where she was, she seemed to have drifted somewhere else without effort – almost like her particles rearranged themselves on the other side of the room in a nano second.

Rivki and I chased her through the concert hall where the young couple were cutting their wedding cake, Rivki sneezed, out flew a baby (I caught it thank G-d) and there we were back at the piano playing a duet.

Someone help me make sense of this??!!

My Day

We took a trip to the Post Office today to mail off some thank you cards that HockeyFan finally got around to writing, and that I finally got around to addressing. (It does take a village). We bought all the stamps, and stood there sticking them on the envelopes. Yes, sticking. I told the kids that I remember back in my day when we had to lick each and every stamp to get it to stick to the envelope.

“Ima” says the child “how long ago was ‘your day’?” I chuckled and said that it’s still my day and it will be my day until 120.

One of the other kids piped up, “I thought in your day you walked to school barefoot in the snow uphill both ways?” Kid is way too cheeky for his own good.

Wrinkle Cream

We are watching TV – Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

A commercial came on for wrinkle cream.

A child of mine, we won’t say which one, said “Ima, look up from your computer and watch this ad, you’re going to need it. You’re going to be 40 in 2 years”.

Nice. Very nice.