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Why do non-observant people fast?

I have a question for those people fasting  the Tisha B’Av fast who are not observant of much else in our many hued and multi tasked religion – why are you fasting?

I have many friends for whom Judaism is is more of an ethnicity than a way of life – and that’s fine. I love being religious, I love celebrating my freedom to practise religion daily. I love all the bells and whistles (and food) that goes along with it. That’s me. Plenty of room for all of us in this world so long as we are tolerant.

But explain to me why THIS fast more than others is observed by those whose lives are not defined by religion on a continuous basis. What makes this fast important to you?

(Disclaimer: perhaps I should have used the term Differently Observant instead of  Non-Observant – sorry if I offended anyone.)


Technological Problems

I hope it won’t come to it, but there may be a forced blog hiatus. My laptop that has served me well for many years is very very sick. My brother brought it back to life two weeks ago, and the KoD just now managed to resurrect it. But it is on its last legs. I have ordered a replacement – if my laptop goes then I cannot work, if I cannot work I don’t get paid – so my current lappy has to last until the new one arrives, then we will retire it to the laptop pasture in the sky.

So, bear with me.


ETA: Bye Bye Lappy. It died for good today, Tisha B’Av. A very good friend has lent me her spare laptop until my new one arrives.

Movies on Tisha B’Av

Many people have the custom to watch Holocaust movies, or sad Jewish themed movies, throughout the day on Tisha B’Av. It is truly a sad day – we are mourning the destruction of our  two Batei Mikdash, and so many other horrors that happened to our people. (Read More here: Aish.com)

So, which movies do YOU  watch over this long fast day? Escape from Sobibor and Schindlers List are well played here – every year the kids understand more and more. (Obviously the younger ones don’t watch some of the movies.) Last year I was introduced to the Boy in Striped Pajamas – still haunts me. What’s on your playlist?