Do you check your bank statements?

Yeah, I know it should be a resounding YES but I have a couple of friends who don’t. If the bank balance looks more or less that they are solvent they don’t comb through it.

Got my bank statement earlier today and very soon after hotfooted it to the bank to dispute a $99 charge that I know I didn’t authorise. PLUS it was a string of letters and numbers that just screamed BOGUS!!

The dude at the bank was very understanding and filed the appropriate paperwork to challenge the charges. Now I just wait to get my money back.

Thankfully it’s only $99 (although that would definitely go a long way to feeding the kids for a day or two) – I know of others who have been taken for $20,000!!

So, check check check your bank statements. That’s my PSA for the day.

3 responses to “Do you check your bank statements?

  1. I don’t look at my bank statements that closely, but only because I use to track everything. It tells me when checks clear, credit card charges go through, etc all in one place. I haven’t found anything erroneous lately so I haven’t found it through mint, but if it happens, I bet I will. The nice thing to is that if you categorize your spending it will tally up your spending and tell you if you are in the budget you set, which is always handy!

    Glad they didn’t give you trouble to get the charge taken care of. Someone used my credit card number about a year ago, and Chase gave us no trouble getting the charges taken care of, as well as getting a new card.

  2. I look VERY closely at all of my credit card & bank statements & even reconcile them with Quicken which really helps me keep a solid eye on my finances.

  3. Heck yes…and around the time my mother passed away we had a case of identity theft in their joint account. Fortunately the bank was on the ball.

    First, we received a call from the police department regarding an attempt to cash a check on my parents’ joint account. Then the branch manager from the branch where the attempt happened called to say that the suspect was caught on tape. When I went to my branch, the manager there showed me a copy of a check (from a different attempt on the account) which was obvious to me was fraudulent (I knew what my parents’ checks looked like, and my father has a distinctive signature). My branch manager was very cooperative with me and we opened another account to handle my father’s expenses (he has since been moved to a nursing home). The lesson here: if something doesn’t seem right, check it out.

    Re MrsJessica’s comments on the credit card: Banks are usually on the ball regarding suspected fraudulent use. When some suspect charges came up on my credit card some time ago, the company contacted me and issued me a new card within several days.

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