Social Media – Use it wisely!

Many many companies are now on social media, but unfortunately not all businesses are clued in on the best way to utilize the various platforms.

Chobani should be held up, in my mind, as a shining example of all that a business should be on twitter – ALL ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I recently had a bad experience, after buying a case of Chobani from Costco. Every single yogurt was mouldy. It must have been a bad batch. These things do happen. I tweeted them immediately expressing my frustration and disappointment. Immediately I was responded to.  Within the week I had a handwritten note from the folks at Chobani apologizing for my negative experience, and a huge handful of coupons for FREE Chobani that more than makes up for the loss of the case. I will totally continue buying Chobani, and will smile every time.

On the other social media hand, I had this experience last night. I have had a rough week, what with one thing and another, and the KoD wanted to spoil me and take me out for a fancy dinner.  We got to the restaurant, and they wanted to seat us 2 feet from the bathroom. There was no way we  wanted to sit there – who would? They refused to reseat us elsewhere, and we ended up leaving. I tweeted what had happened and included the restaurant’s Twitter handle.

This morning I got back a one word tweet from them “Sorry”. SORRY? That’s it? You lost my business last night, you have potentially lost my business for a very long time, you alienated some loyal customers and all you can say is SORRY? No offer for a make up dinner, no offer for a coupon, NOTHING. This is in their public twitter feed. People can see this conversation and see that this restaurant cares NOTHING for customer service. People can search for this restaurant before they go there and this conversation will come up in the search results.

If you are going to have a social media presence use it to promote your company. Better to not be online than to be there and use it to make your business look bad.


9 responses to “Social Media – Use it wisely!

  1. HSM – Excellent post! Chobani did a FABULOUS job; they turned a negative experience into a positive one. The other business turned a bad experience into a WORSE experience – all with one word.

  2. BTW, you are not the first to complain about Chobani from Costco being spoiled even though I’ve generally had good experiences with my Chobani from there except for a few containers that seemed suspicious b/c they got very puffy on top by the label so I just threw them out.

    Sorry about the other restaurant that tried to seat you near the bathroom. Did they actually have other seats available or was that all that was available?

    • We were there at 6.30. They had an empty table that we would have been happy to sit at. She said it was reserved for 8pm. We told her we would be gone by then but she still wouldn’t give it to us!!

  3. Some people/places use social media so darn STUPIDLY. While I wouldn’t expect a local restaurant to have the same size or capacity PR team as Chobani or another company, I DO expect small businesses to at least be thoughtful about their social media use & to do what they can with what they have. Why have a Twitter account at all if you’re not going to bother to do it correctly?!

  4. And you know, everyone who reads this post will go look at your Twitter feed to see which restaurant it was …

  5. Good for you that you left!
    Many others would have stayed and grumbled….

  6. That sucks about the restaurant. We sit at that table all the time and, believe it or not, it doesn’t smell and no one really ever uses it, either. Sorry they wouldn’t move you …

  7. Thanks for the kind words! Just glad we could make it up to you. 🙂

    Emily, Chobani

  8. Peter Shankman shares an awesome Power Of Social Media Customer Service Story here.

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