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Lice Check

My elementary school kids have to have their heads checked for lice before they are allowed to start the fall semester. I get to pay $35 for the privilege of having my two younger boys checked. It goes toward the school Women’s League, and they do lots of great stuff. We stand in line, they get checked and their names are crossed off.

In order to get checked you have to present your admission card for school. If you haven’t made the correct financial arrangements, no admission card, no education at this specific establishment.

They don’t check the boys for lice at any other time of the school year. My high schoolers are presumed to be lice free….

So I was wondering – do your kids have to go through this before school starts? Please provide ages and whether they attend a public or private school. Do you guys also have admission cards and if so, are they really collected on the first day of school or not? Is there anything your particular school does before they admit the kids that you haven’t seen anywhere else?


Wednesday’s Wacky Signs

Quick and Kosher – My Debut

As you guys know, I work for Joyofkosher.com. We recently put together a whole bunch of new and informative how-to videos.

Our first one went up this week – my official debut on the Quick and Kosher video circuit.


How would you have answered?

Just dropped off a load of dry cleaning at my local place. We know the lady well – KoD has been going there for years, and she was thrilled when we got married and when the boys and I moved down.

Anyhow, as I was leaving the store she told me “you’re as skinny as a chopstick” – now, I wasn’t sure whether I should be insulted or not. I threw a “thank you” and a smile over my shoulder…. but hmm. I know she probably meant it as a compliment, but chopsticks have no shape. I have shape. I have curves. I am not a stick.

What would you have answered?