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My elementary school kids have to have their heads checked for lice before they are allowed to start the fall semester. I get to pay $35 for the privilege of having my two younger boys checked. It goes toward the school Women’s League, and they do lots of great stuff. We stand in line, they get checked and their names are crossed off.

In order to get checked you have to present your admission card for school. If you haven’t made the correct financial arrangements, no admission card, no education at this specific establishment.

They don’t check the boys for lice at any other time of the school year. My high schoolers are presumed to be lice free….

So I was wondering – do your kids have to go through this before school starts? Please provide ages and whether they attend a public or private school. Do you guys also have admission cards and if so, are they really collected on the first day of school or not? Is there anything your particular school does before they admit the kids that you haven’t seen anywhere else?

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  1. R is in a Jewish day school, first grade. She was neither checked for lice nor needed an admission card. It was a little amusing. I forgot to send her the first day with her back to school paperwork (release, health care, blah blah), and so yesterday (second day of school) they sent the paperwork back with her homework as a reminder that I needed to turn it in 😛

  2. lady lock and load

    “They don’t check the boys for lice at any other time of the school year.” Are you sure of this? Because they should be checking periodically throughout the school year. That is what the $35 should be going towards.
    My kids had to have their hair checked before school started and also had to bring in admission cards first day of school. Once every couple of months they would have nit checking in school. And I would check their hair myself periodically. My children Boruch Hashem never had lice. Once they started high school they did not have knit checking. I guess they assume the kids are old enough to take notice if they have lice (ick) or it is less common among high schoolers.

  3. We also have lice check, but no admission cards.

    I always joke that they have the lice check because of everyone coming back from summer vacation in Israel. Last summer it was not such a joke, we came back from Israel … with lice! And then some of our houseguests 6 kids also got lice. We adults spent many hours over a few days on the patio slowly eliminating the lice on some of the 11 kids. But since school was starting, we had to avail ourselves of a service provide by the lice checking company – they will eliminate all lice and nits for a $55 fee (per child). How do they do it? They simply CUT OFF any strand of hair that has a nit attached to it! That’s a lot easier than scraping each nit off with a fingernail.

  4. My youngest kids are 21-year-old twins, but we had that whole megillah for day school and high school at our Jewish private schools. We didn’t ever pay for lice check–that might have been the last straw for me! At a time when you’re writing out HUGE head checks, paying for uniforms, books, and all kinds of other fees for lots of kids–that’s a bit much. It’s nice that the Women’s League will use the money for a good cause, but it’s a very hard time for parents to cough up the extra $$$. And yes, they really did check for that admission card.

    • lady lock and load

      They have to collect money for the lice checking over here as they pay these “professional” lice checkers to come in check our children. I guess if some moms would do some volunteering at their schools on a rotating basis then we wouldn’t have to pay.
      To me, it’s money well spent. Lice used to be a big problem and now it’s been very under control. My friend had a child with lice a long time ago and she got it to. It was difficult to get the lice out and delouse the house. Ick! my head feels scratchy now! 🙂

  5. We got lice checks in elementary school for free in public school. And it wasn’t organized. They didn’t check everyone. I think they sort of checked itchy suspects and kids who’s hair kinda look unwashed. I never had lice, thank goodness.

  6. Jewish Day School, out-of-town. All kids are checked for lice, at least through eighth grade. Not sure about HS. Do receive admit cards once their heads are checked. No fee for lice checks. They check at beginning of year and again if anyone in school has lice or visits Israel during the year. They don’t always collect the admit cards but they don’t need to because they know whether or not they gave you one by which ones are still in the school’s possession on the first day of school.

  7. My kids are in public school and as far as I know the only time there is lice checking is if a student is friends with another student who has a reported case.
    Generally, they are less common as kids get older. I guess something about how younger children play together they are more likely to share them. Anyway, that’s probably why there is no checking in high school.

    I did have my son checked for lice before a sleep over camp once. I thought that was a good precaution, but what if they found them? Were they going to send him home before camp even started? I hated to think about it.

    My kids did get them once and shared them with me and getting rid of them was terrible. I think my daughter got them from a cousin, and then they spread in our house from her to my son and to me.

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