Daily Archives: August 25, 2011

OMG Blood! ***faint***

So it appears that I have a second fainter on my hands. We’ve know for years about the oldest. He’s been a fainter since he was a toddler. He saw blood, and down he went. It got to the point that I could catch him as he fainted while not missing a beat in my phone conversation or supper prep. He tries not to do it anymore because he’s gotten way too big for me to catch him. So he won’t be a doctor.

Today the little one came running to me. “I’m bleeeeeeeeeding”. I was more concerned about the clamminess of his palms and his rapid breathing, than the tiny weeny little wound on his knee. I know all the signs for “hold me, I’m going to pass out” and he had all of them. I had him look me in the eye and breathe with me. One of his brothers brought the child some orange juice at my request, and once he had some colour back in his face I dressed his knee. He was so shaky. But he did not faint. He almost did – those eyes almost rolled.

He’s 9. He has never been like that before, with all his bumps and scrapes. What is it with these so called tough guys that the minute they see blood they wimp out?

When Squiggy broke his leg it hurt like heck but no fainting, even when he broke the same arm twice…, when he sliced his thumbs open (on different occasions…..this kid…..gotta love him) he was more curious than panicked. When I sliced my finger open my eldest brought me paper towels but was extremely careful not to look at anything that might have been red. He recently sliced his own finger open – and promptly fainted.

The 13 year old is so chill about it all that he wouldn’t panic, would just fix the problem, clean up the blood and go back to his iPod. When he came home years ago after being bashed in the head with a light saber (!) there was no panic.

They are going to have to get over this fear of blood. Seriously. Having kids = lots of blood. The amount of stitches this family has had cumulatively is a little scary, and some of those head wounds, wow do they bleed.

How do I toughen up these not-so-tough tough guys?


Surgery went well

Thank you all for your prayers for my friend Leah Miriam bat Shoshana. We just got word that the surgery went well, the kidney is in place and functioning.

Continue prayers are needed that there is no rejection, and that Leah heals well and swiftly.

Please include her on your misheberach lists at shul this Shabbat.